Report of Jan 7th in Athens – Free the 5

Source: No Expo 1st May, #freefive

Yesterday in front of the Court a huge picket of more than 600 people supported the five Greeks comrades, singing and shouting loudly. The picket was made by the assembly of solidarity to the 5, the assembly of the district/neighborhood of Agia Paraskevi (where the five guys live and act politically), the Coordination of Basic Unions (to booksellers, telephone workers, waiters, translators and unemployed). There were also the youth wing of the KKE, a union of public sector workers and many others in solidarity.
Yesterday morning the workers of the municipality of Agia Paraskevi have called a strike for three hours. Todau the assembly of professors of Agia Paraskevi is striking in solidarity.
The trial lasted from 10am to 6pm and the defense witnesses talked all the time, who are knowen people (from a chancellor of the European left, the former president of Syriza to the Mayor of Agia Paraskevi) taking the defense of our comrades.
During the trial there were asked some questions to defense witnesses who obviously spoke in favor of the 5 saying it was unthinkable that 5 guys were sent to prison for a crime that in Greece has a sentence of two months and that in their opinion was a political trial.

8th update:
Court denied the extradition and removed restrictions on the firsts two comrades!