Anti-fascists arrested in Rome in a counter-demo (Italy)

Source: Radio Onda d’Urto

Violent clashes between police and fascists (on the same side) and the anti-fascists in Rome, Saturday afternoon 5th November, during an anti-fascist mobilization organized in the Magliana neighborhood of Rome.

Antifascists of the city, including comrades of the social center Macchia Rossa, had gathered at 15.30 in the streets to protest against the demo of Forza Nuova (neo-fascist party) in the neighborhood, which was prohibited by the police, to claim anti-immigration policies (after the rise of racist citizens against refugees).

Also in the Magliana neighborhood, a few weeks ago, as well CasaPound (now a neo-fascist party, former social movement) opened an office, which is also looking to speculate on the economic crisis and the difficulties in the popular area of the capital with anti-immigration rhetoric.

The police aligned to protect the demo of Forza Nuova, shot tear gas to the anti-fascist demo, then charged the demo, that was not able to protect itself due to the brutal violence of the police, and started a real manhunt in the streets, riot cops and political police were searching the comrades in bars and shops too.
Around 30/40 comrades got in custody, 10 of them finally arrested. Meanwhile, some fascists irrupted in the social center.

In the same day in another city of Italy, Pavia, the police charged and injured antifascists who gathered with ANPI against a “fascist march” called by CasaPound to remember Emanuele Zilli, fascist activist who died in 1973.

Not only all the shades of left-wing of the city gathered against the fascists, but even the city’s mayor, Massimo DePaoli, attended to the protest.
Despite the position of the City Council, the police have align openly to protect the handful of fascists came to the city from other locations (especially from Milan, it seems) since the beginning. The march of the fascists went trought the streets in the city center.

In Florence a determined bloc has resisted the police charges, who wanted to prevent the demonstration. The Democratic Party gave a speech in favor of the positive result of the referendum and its policies, responsible for the current situation of precariousness and poverty in Italy, as well as the repression that all the movements and the people in this country, trying to raise their heads, are suffering.

It is unacceptable the fact of denying the right to demonstrate. It is unacceptable the destruction of the welfare state implemented by the Renzi Cabinet. It is unacceptable the dismantling of workers’ rights and the growing precariousness. The miserable condition that the Italian schools are, not to mention the pitiful school reform and the privatization of public health.
It is unacceptable that the masters of the Democratic Party militarize a city, to decide how to exploit millions of people.


Patryk Cichoń, Antifascist Comrade Facing Extradition [en, it]

Sources/Fonte: Brighton ABC, Torpedos Roma



At the beginning of May 2016 our comrade Patryk Cichoń from Poland was arrested by British police under an European Arrest Warrant. Patryk is a well known anti-fascist militant notorious among nazi-bonehead scum in his city for his uncompromising stance against them in the past. Boneheads managed to convince a few of their friends to testify against Patryk and his friend for alleged assault and robbery. As it appeared later, his friend had very good alibi and had the charges dropped (despite being allegedly recognised by the “victim” and his friends), so Patryk ended up being sentenced on his own. The whole trial was an absolute travesty and Patryk as a poor, young working class person was not able to afford a proper defence. He spent two months on remand in 2004 and was sentenced to three years in prison.
It is clear that this whole case was politically motivated and had only one purpose, which was to get rid of the core of the anti-fascist resistance in Patryk’s home town.
Rather than doing prison time, he decided to escape abroad and came to UK in 2005. He started his new life there, continuing to be involved in anti-fascist activity: organising gigs in London, including United and Strong Fest which has seen lots of great Antifa bands from all over Europe performing, and raising money for antifascist initiatives. He was also the editor of the ‘Skinhead Revolt‘ fanzine, which was the first left wing skinhead publication in Polish.
After his arrest, he spent 9 days behind bars and was then was released under strict bail conditions, including a curfew and an electronic tag. On June 24 he has to attend another hearing that will most likely decide upon his extradition. Patryk is fighting against being sent back to Poland as he has a family in the UK, including his partner and an 8-year-old son.
He currently needs all the solidarity we can offer. He has already spent his savings on legal defence and will need more money to continue, but in the meantime his family also needs supporting.
Patryk was always there if others needed help and assistance, please make sure he is not left on his own now.
Fundraising is organised by Brighton Anarchist Black Cross. You can pay money to our paypal address:
thebottledwasp @ riseup . net (please choose “payment to a friend” option and add a note saying “for Patryk”)
or to our bank account:
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no./Reference: 0321 / 704131186

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All’inizio di Maggio 2016 il compagno polacco Patryk Cichoń è stato arrestato dalla polizia britannica sotto mandato di arresto europeo.
Patryk è un antifascista e anarchico, membro della R.A.S.H polacca, molto noto tra la feccia nazista dei boneheads della sua città per la sua posizione intransigente nei loro confronti. Un po di anni fa gli stessi naziskin riuscirono a convincere alcune persone a testimoniare (il falso) contro Patryk ed un suo amico per una presunta aggressione e rapina. Durante il processo emerse che il suo amico aveva un buon alibi e fu assolto mentre Patryk fu condannato. Le varie testimonianze e prove durante il processo furono travisate e Patryk, essendo un giovane della classe operaia, non pote’ permettersi un’adeguata difesa. Trascorse 2 mesi in attesa del giudizio e nel 2004 fu condannato in Polonia a 3 anni di carcere.
E’ chiaro che tutto questo caso era politicamente motivato e aveva un unico scopo, quello di sbarazzarsi del movimento antifascista di Stalowa Wola, città natale di Patryk.
Nel 2005 Patryk, decise di scappare in Gran Bretagna per non scontare la condanna. Qui intraprese una nuova vita ma continuò a credere fortemente nelle sue idee e a militare nel movimento antifascista londinese. Lo stesso Patryk organizzò una serie di iniziative e concerti benefit a Londra per il movimento antifascista, tra cui lo UNITED AND STRONG FEST concerto in ricordo di Davide Cesare “Dax” , un raduno che vide l’esibizione delle più grandi band Oi! di tutta Europa tra cui i Brigada Flores Magon, gli Oppressed, gli Stage Bottles, i Non Servium, gli S-Contro, i Blaggers Ita, i Bull Brigade e i Bomber 80. Patryk è stato anche l’autore della Skinhead Revolt, prima fanzine antifascista del movimento redskin polacco.
Recentemente è stato arrestato e dopo essere stato 9 giorni dietro le sbarre è stato rilasciato con rigorosissime condizioni di cauzione come il coprifuoco e la targhetta elettronica. Il 24 giugno deve partecipare ad un altro processo in cui molto probabilmente i giudici chiederanno la sua estradizione. Patryk è perseguitato perchè antifascista! Ha bisogno di tutta la nostra solidarietà! Ha speso tutti i suoi risparmi per difendersi legalmente e ha bisogno di più soldi per poter continuare la sua difesa, e per badare alle sue esigenze familiari.
Se qualcuno aveva bisogno di aiuto, Patryk era sempre lì. Adesso non lasciamolo solo!
La raccolta fondi per aiutare Patryk è stata organizzata dalla Croce Nera Anarchica di Brighton. È possibile versare un contributo all’indirizzo PayPal:
thebottledwasp @ riseup . net (si prega di scegliere l’opzione “pagamento ad un amico” e aggiungere una nota scrivendo “for Patryk”) o sul conto bancario:
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Updates about prisoners in Pyhäjoki and their treatment by the police (Finland) [en, fi]

Source: Stop Fennovoima

Reclaim the Cape -action week took place in Pyhäjoki from 22 April to 1 May of 2016 and dozens of people where detained by the police, 11 activists were arrested. (see the link). Five of them were released in a few days after the detention. After this, six activists were still kept in remand prison. One activist still remains in prison.

We have sent money, clean clothes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, cigarettes, books etc. to the prisoners as much as we’ve been able. However, the prisoners haven’t received all packages from their parents or other senders. They also haven’t been able to send or receive letters or postcards.

During the imprisonment of the activists the police hasn’t offered legal facilities for the prisoners. Police says that there hasn’t been resources for example for cleaning cells and in the first few days of imprisonment the prisoners didn’t have possibility to wash up and they didn’t have toilet paper or proper food. Also the prisoners didn’t get outside as much as the legal rights would allow.

On Friday 6th May there was detention trial of two of the activists. Lawyer described this to be a total lynching and the trial was kept without the prosecutor, only the police was present there. Surprisingly the imprisonment continued. These prisoners were released on Tuesday 10.5., but they are still suspected for violent rioting and violently resisting the police. Any charges have not been pressed yet. After these two activists got out from the prison, unfortunately we got information that the police has been bullying the one activist who is still in prison in the middle of the night.

On Thursday 12th May two activists have been released from the remand prison and one activist on Friday 13.5., but one activist is still imprisoned. Finally, the police has cleaned up the cell after many days of pressure on them about the issue. They also finally let the prisoner outside. At the moment this prisoner has nothing big to complain about the prison facilities, says their lawyer.

Only the closest family and the lawyer have been allowed to visit or have phone calls with the prisoners. Of course for the prisoners whose parents live outside of Finland this hasn’t been possible because of the distances. The prisoners haven’t received all books that have been sent to the police for them. Our lawyer said, that’s unprecedented and unthinkable.

The prisoners who don’t speak finnish have been forced to speak English with their family, even though they could speak in Swedish. Anyhow, Swedish is the second official language of Finland, that fact doesn’t exist “in the Finnish Northern-Ostrobothnia” according to the police.

There has been also other ways of repression. Two camps got evicted and we are still working on if it happened on the legal way. Police has destroyed the camps by leaving a huge mess behind them. Activists were forced to leave the area before all equipment and personal items were collected which has lead to the situation that a lot of stuff is missing. Police said, that all stuff will be found from Pyhäjoki municipality (later we found out that it means landfill in practise) and Raahe police station, where we haven’t found any of the lost stuff yet.

On Monday 16th May there was detention trial and the court decided to continue the imprisonment of the activist. The only explanation for the continued imprisonment was that the activist might try to avoid the trial.

The lawyer argued that this is not sufficient enough ground for the continued imprisonment, because all other activists living permanently abroad have already been released. Neither the court nor the police responded to or commented this argument. Charges must be pressed at the latest on Tuesday 31 May, but it is possible that the prosecutor will do it earlier. In the worst case the trial will not be before mid June. The activist is suspected for violent rioting and violently resisting the police. In other words, the suspections are not more aggravated in the case of this activist than the activists who have already been released.

All documents have now been sent to the prosecutor, and the prosecutor will receive them later during this week. That the documents have been sent means that the police investigation is over. In addition to deciding whether to press the charges, the prosecutor can freely decide whether the activist will be released or not.

The treatment of the activist during the imprisonment has been more adequate since last Friday. Before that the cell was not cleaned at all.

On Friday 13th May the communication ban was cancelled. This has enabled longer phone calls with the family, calls to friends and receiving and sending letters and postcards. On Monday 16 May we delivered more books and snuff to the prisoner.

At the moment a lot of different support actions are needed! Organise a support cafe or a demonstration in your city, take part in solidarity actions or travel to the camp to show that the resistance will not end by locking up the activists.


UPDATE 16/17.5
Today on Monday 16.5 there was detention trial and the court decided to continue the imprisonment of the activist. The only explanation for the continued imprisonment was that the activist might try to avoid the trial. The lawyer argued that this is not sufficient enough ground for the continued imprisonment, because all other activists living permanently abroad have already been released. Neither the court nor the police responded to or commented this argument. The charges must to be pressed by the end of this month (31.5) but it is possible that the prosecutor will do it earlier. In worst case the trial won’t be until the mid of June. The activist is suspected for violent rioting and violently resisting the police. In other words, the suspections are not more aggravated in the case of this activist than the activists who have already been released.

All documents have now been sent to the prosecutor, and the prosecutor will receive them later during this week. That the documents have been sent means that the police investigation is over. In addition to deciding whether to press the charges, the prosecutor can freely decide whether the activist will be released or not.

The treatment of the activist during the imprisonment has been more adequate since last Friday. Before that the cell was not cleaned at all.

On Friday 13.5 the communication ban was cancelled. This has enabled longer phone calls with the family, calls to friends and receiving and sending letters and postcards. On Monday 16 May we delivered more books and snuff to the prisoner.

At the moment a lot of different support actions are needed! Organise a support cafe or a demonstration in your city, take part in solidarity actions or travel to the camp to show that the resistance will not end by putting activists behind bars!

Comrades around the world – now is the time to act!


Pyhäjoella järjestetyn Reclaim the Cape -toimintaviikon 22.4.-1.5.2016 aikana kiinniotettiin kymmeniä ja pidätettiin 11 ihmistä. Näistä viisi päästettiin vapaaksi jo muutaman päivän päästä kiinniotosta. Tämän jälkeen jäi vielä yhteensä kuusi aktivistia tutkintavankeuteen. Yksi aktivisti on vangittuna vielä tälläkin hetkellä.

Tänään maanantaina 16.5. Pyhäjoella vangitun aktivistin vangitsemisoikeudenkäynnissä päätettiin jatkaa vankeutta. Perusteena vangitsemiselle on ainoastaan se, että vangittu saattaisi pakoilla oikeudenkäyntiä. Asianajajan mukaan tämä ei ole riittävä peruste, koska kaikki muutkin ulkomailla vakituisesti asuvat aktivistit on vapautettu. Asiaa ei tuomioistuimen tai poliisin taholta kommentoitu mitenkään. Syyte pitää nostaa viimeistään 31.5. mennessä, mutta on mahdollista että se nostetaan aiemmin. Pahimmassa tapauksessa oikeudenkäynti on vasta kesäkuun puolivälissä. Aktivistia epäillään virkamiehen väkivaltaisesta vastustamisesta ja väkivaltaisesta mellakasta, joten epäilyt eivät ole sen raskauttavampia kuin jo vapautetuilla aktivisteilla.

Asian siirtyminen syyttäjälle tarkoittaa, että poliisitutkinta asiassa on päättynyt ja mahdollinen vapauttaminen on nyt syyttäjän vapaassa harkinnassa. Asiakirjat ovat syyttäjällä kuitenkin vasta myöhemmin tämän viikon kuluessa.

Perjantaina 13.5. poistettiin yhteydenpitokiellon rajoitus ja se on mahdollistanut pidemmät puhelut perheen kanssa, puhelut kavereiden kanssa ja kirjeiden sekä postikorttien vastaanottamisen ja lähettämisen. Toimitimme myös tänään 16.5. vangitulle nuuskaa ja lisää aatteellista lukemista.

Nyt tarvitaan paljon tukitapahtumia! Järjestä kakkukahvila tai mielenosoitus paikkakunnallasi, osallistu tukitapahtumiin tai lähde leirille näyttämään, että vastarinta ei tule tyrehtymään sillä, että aktivisteja laitetaan telkien taakse!

Päivittää 16/17.5

Kun poliisi huhtikuun lopussa tuhosi Pyhäjoen protestileirit, se perusteli resurssipulalla sitä, että poliisit antoivat ihmisille aikaa kerätä vain osan tavaroistaan. Resursseja riitti kymmenien poliisien ja rajavartiolaitoksen yhteiseen suuroperaatioon. Ne loppuivat kesken silloin, kun olisi pitänyt olla hävittämättä leireillä olleiden ihmisten yksityistä ja yhteistä omaisuutta.

Perjantaina 29.4. poliisi tuhosi leirit ja ilmoitti, että kaikki arvotavara olisi myöhemmin noudettavissa Raahen poliisiasemalta ja muu omaisuus varastoitaisiin johonkin Pyhäjoen kunnan tilaan, josta sitä voisi myöhemmin tiedustella. Tämän tiedon poliisit kertoivat useita kertoja useille ihmisille.

Tosiasiassa poliisit rikkoivat ja siirtelivät telttoja katsomatta ensin, mitä niissä on sisällä, eli ottamatta niistä esimerkiksi lompakoita ja passeja talteen ensin.

Lisäksi poliisi on julkisuudessa valheellisesti tiedottanut, että ihmisille annettiin mahdollisuus koota henkilökohtaiset tavaransa leireistä. Edes kaikki leireissä paikalla olleet eivät saaneet ottaa mukaan kaikkia omia tavaroitaan, eikä heillä, jotka eivät häädön hetkellä olleet paikalla siinä leirissä, jossa heidän tavaransa olivat, ollut mitään mahdollisuutta kerätä omaisuuttaan.

Lauantaina 30.4. Raahen poliisiasemalta tiedusteltiin useita häädössä kadonneita lompakkoja, passeja, avaimia, puhelimia ja muuta arvotavaraa. Kävi ilmi, ettei poliisi ollut tuonut asemalle kummastakaan leiristä mitään.

Poliisi kehotti omaisuuttaan kaipaavia ihmisiä menemään etsimään kadonneita tavaroita leireistä. Vajaata vuorokautta aiemmin he olivat häätäneet samat ihmiset samoista paikoista kiinnioton uhalla. Poliisi sanoi, että jos tavaroita ei löytyisi leireistä, niitä olisi tiedusteltava Pyhäjoen kunnan varikolta.

Kun Pyhäjoen kunnan varikon sijaintia maanantaina 2.5. kysyttiin Pyhäjoen kunnasta, selvisi, ettei mitään varikkoa ole olemassa. Paikka, jonne tavaroita oli poliisin käskystä viety, oli maankaatopaikka: avoin, vartioimaton maanläjitysalue. Poliisilta saatiin vahvistus, että he olivat käskeneet kunnan työntekijöitä kuljettamaan tavarat sinne.

Maankaatopaikalta löytyikin jonkin verran leirien rakennustavaraa, yksittäisiä vaatekappaleita ja kasseja sekä vähän ruokaa. Kuormissa oli kuitenkin vielä läjitysalueelle vietäessä ollut ainakin telttoja ja polkupyöriä, Pyhäjoen kunnasta vahvistettiin. Maanantai-aamuna niitä ei enää ollut siellä.

Poliisi totesi, että kuka tahansa on voinut ottaa tavarat läjitysalueelta, kehotti tavaransa kadottaneita ihmisiä tekemään rikosilmoituksen ja ilmoitti samalla, etteivät nämä rikosilmoitukset todennäköisesti johda mihinkään.

Tiistaina 3.5. Raahen poliisiasemalta edelleen kehotettiin tavaroitaan kaipaavia ihmisiä etsimään niitä ”Pyhäjoen kunnan varikolta”. Kertoo jotain informaation kulkemisesta poliisiorganisaation sisällä, että varikko, jota ei alun alkaenkaan ole ollut olemassa, elää poliisin antamissa ohjeissa vielä neljä päivää häädön jälkeen.

Samana päivänä ihmisiä kävi jälleen etsimässä tavaroitaan maankaatopaikalta. Se oli kuitenkin jo myöhäistä, sillä kaatopaikalla oli jostain syystä ryhdytty polttamaan tavaraa. Kasoissa vielä jäljellä olleet vaatteet ja kassit paloivat silloin.

Leirien häädöissä poliisi rikkoi ja kadotti omaisuutta yhteensä useiden tuhansien eurojen arvosta. Joukossa oli kaikkea lompakoista, passeista ja avaimista telttoihin, vaatteisiin ja makuupusseihin. Vain pieni osa poliisin hukkaamista tavaroista on päätynyt Raahen poliisiasemalle noudettavaksi. Poliisi ohittaa omaisuuden suojan kaltaiset omaa toimintansa ohjaavat perusperiaatteet silloin, kun niistä ei ole hyötyä Fennovoima-Rosatomin soramontulle.

No Borders – demonstration in Brenner (Italy / Austria) 7.5.2016

On Saturday 7th of May, a demonstration started around 2pm in Brenner, a small town in Italy on the border with Austria. There has been clashes between demonstrators and Italian police.

Around 500 (five h) people tried to reach the border between Italy and Austria. The demo was called to protest against the initiative of Vienna to built a built walls and fences and introduce more patrols on the border.

The protesters advanced on the railway tracks, on the highway and on the federal road, which are the three access routes to Austria.

While the protesters advanced towards the north, around 500 (five h) riot cops tried for many hours to reject with charges, throwing tear gas and, finally, using a fire hose.

Hundreds of deplyed Austrian riot cops observed across the border. A helicopter of the Austrian police patroled the area.

Around 5.30pm, the protesters were dispersed into several groups: some made their way over the mountains and through the woods that surround the gorge where is the pass. Many others have backed away at the edges of the road and have taken off clothes to protect anonymity. Dozens of them were stopped. Cops feared that they can regroup.

Till now there is 6 comrades arrested: Cristian, Luca, Miriam, Stefano, Sabrina and Nemo. Freedom for them now!

The demo was part of a transnational campaign of No Borders groups that claims the closure of detention centers with their inherent violence and abusive system of detention of migrants. See (mostly in Italian) abbatterelefrontiere blogspot

Update 9.5:
1 year with suspended sentence for Miriam;
1 year and 2 months with suspended suspended for Stefano and Cristian;
1 year and 4 months with suspended suspended for Luca;
1 year and 4 months without suspended probation with prohibition of residence from Bolzano to Sabrina and Nemo;
All free tonight!

Monica and Francisco sentenced to 12 years in prison

Source: The Free

On March 30th 2016, it was notified to lawyers and companions the judgment of the National Court condemning the anarchists Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar to 5 years in prison on charges of “injury”, plus 7 years for “damage with terrorist purpose”, with a total of 12 years in prison for each. They were acquitted of charges of “belonging to a terrorist organization and conspiracy” against the Monastery of Montserrat. Demonstrations will begin today against this ridiculous sentence.

‘We are presented with the challenge of extending the struggle and solidarity, to defend our ties and our ideas, denying that their world is reduced to the four walls that keep them incarcerated.Our jailed comrades will always be present in our struggles and our daily lives.There is no “inside”, nor is there an “outside” only enemies of the state and authority.Death to the state and long live anarchy! (translated from Indymedia Barcelona)

After spending more than 2 years in jail, and with the prosecution demanding 44 years each, it became clear on the 1st day of their trial that the State has virtually no evidence against Monica and Francisco!

It’s a political case, linked by the police to ongoing raids and repression of the socially progressive and popular anarchist and occupation movement, and aiming to brand them and the anarcho syndicalist trade unions as ”terrorists”.

Worldwide Solidarity

Dozens of solidarity demos, and fundraisers are continuing, including in Greece, Germany, Chile and Chiapas.

‘The prosecution of Monica and Francisco has been directly linked by the police to the ongoing represssion and mass arrests of the Piñata and Pandora raids on libertarian social centers, alleging that all belonged to an unknown conspiracy GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups). It comes in the context of media scapegoating and inventions (and the infamous new Gagging Laws) used to rally support for the far right then ruling PP party. (A function used in the past against the Basque Independence movements until their unilateral ceasefire).

Their conviction will open the way for a generalised repression of the social, occupation and trade union based anarchist movement, and community resistance campaigns in Spain, by branding all as ‘anarcho insurrectionalists’.’

Apart from the severe sentence that could fall on these two companions, the trial represents a critical point in the Pandora / Pinata state crackdown on dissent and repression of the struggles in general’.

The defense had requested an acquittal on all charges and demanded bail to let Francisco and Monica wait for the trial verdict in freedom.

At the end of the trial, Judge Angela Murillo offered the floor to the two defendants. First Monica defended her innocence and her anarchist ideology finishing with a resounding “Death to the State and Long Live Anarchy.”

The tension boiled over when Francisco appeared about to do the same as his companion had done previously. On this occasion, the judge interrupted before he could say more shouting “do not give us lessons!” She then expelled the audience, who were beginning to applaud the defendants, from the Court amid cries of support for Fran and Monica!

Meanwhile, in the press room the TV screens from which the broadcast session was being relayed were abruptly switched off, all to prevent us hearing Fran say “Death to the State and Long Live Anarchy.”

Write to them! Here is the address, the same for both:

* Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda
* Francisco Solar Domínguez

C.P Villabona-Asturias
Finca Tabladiello s/n
33422 Villabona-Llanera

Saboteurs of the fences at the border of the Balkans [en, it]

Source: Rabble, Hurriya

As razorwire fences are being erected across Europe, migrants and comrades are taking action to bring them down.

In the latest incidents, comrades have attacked the Croatian-Slovenian border. Accounts gathered from the mainstream media.

‘They look like your neighbours, ordinary people and students who in no way seem different. But, only during the day. When night comes, they dress in black, pull balaclavas over their heads with slits for the eyes and put gloves on their hands. They take scissors for wires and go into the night, towards the Slovenian border. With a bit of luck, they return with a thick roll of razor-wire fence and publish the photos of their trophies on the Facebook page of a group which brings together anonymous wire cutters. The initiative started in Croatia, in Istria, and soon spread throughout the whole Croatian border area. After one of the raids in Hrvatsko Zagorje, the idea crossed the border, reports Jutarnji List on December 31, 2015.

Protesters on both sides of the border started peacefully, decorating the razor fence with Christmas ornaments, playing volleyball over it, hanging banners with various messages. Slovenian composer Matija Krečič even performed a “Christmas Morning” concert next to the fence in Bela Krajina region with three violins and a cello, but all these ideas had little effect. However, then a guerrilla initiative was started. As soon as the fence appeared near Matulji, local residents started cutting it and posting photos of souvenirs.

A team which recently started doing similar raids near Zagreb includes a member of the Workers’ Front, a radical left-wing organization which campaigns against the “dictatorship of capitalism and party oligarchies”. He recommends that anyone who wishes to participate in the raids should find a field with stretched wire fence, and go there at night in a group of three people, “with two cutting and one driving”.

“After fifteen minutes, the driver picks up those who were doing the cutting. The wire is very dangerous, so you have to use those thick heavy-duty gloves. But, at least the wire will not be able to hurt anyone else or prevent somebody’s movements”, says the anonymous razor-wire cutter on the Facebook page which brings together supporters with a slogan: “Let’s cut the wire! The initiative for the self-organized removal of wires on the borders which divide people, kill animals and take us back to the Dark Ages of European history.”‘

All of the Slovenian activists came there from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. “This is our fourth intervention. The sound of pliers cutting the wire relieves me of stress. I would recommend it to all who feel stressed”, said a young man dressed in black. On his head there was a GoPro camera attached. Clearly, the video will end up on the internet.

“After the activists came to the wire, they started cutting it. The razor wire is very dangerous. It can catch clothes and make small cuts on the hands. When animals get stuck there, they are doomed (note from rabble: many deer have apparently been killed after getting caught up in the wire). Activists helped each other to get out if someone got stuck in the razor blades.”


IT: Sabotatori delle recinzioni alla frontiera dei Balcani

I manifestanti su entrambi i lati del confine hanno iniziato pacificamente, decorando la recinzione con addobbi natalizi, giocando a pallavolo, appendendo striscioni con vari messaggi. Il compositore sloveno Matija Krecic ha anche eseguito un concerto “Christmas Morning” (con tre violini e un violoncello) accanto alla recinzione nella regione di Bela Krajina, ma tutte queste iniziative hanno avuto scarso effetto. A questo punto si è passati ad un azione diretta: non appena giunti in prossimità della recinzione di Matulji, i residenti hanno iniziato il taglio delle reti e la pubblicazione di foto souvenir.

Il gruppo che ha recentemente iniziato a fare incursioni simili nei pressi di Zagabria comprende un membro del Fronte dei lavoratori, un’organizzazione di sinistra radicale, che si batte contro la “dittatura del capitalismo e delle oligarchie di partito”. Lui raccomanda a chiunque desideri partecipare alle incursioni di individuare un campo recintato dal filo spinato, e ritornarci di notte con un gruppo di tre persone “, due che tagliano e un guidatore”.

“Dopo un quarto d’ora, il conducente raccoglie coloro che stavano tagliando. Il filo è molto pericoloso e bisogna pertanto utilizzare guanti spessi e pesanti. Ma almeno il filo non sarà in grado di ferire qualcun altro o impedire movimenti di qualcuno”, dice il tagliatore di filo spinato anonimo sulla pagina di Facebook che riunisce i tifosi con uno slogan: Tagliamo il filo! Iniziativa per la rimozione auto-organizzata delle recinzioni sui confini che dividono le persone, uccidono gli animali e ci portano indietro ai secoli bui della storia europea.”

Tutti gli attivisti sloveni sono andati lì dalla capitale slovena Lubiana: “Questa è la nostra quarta azione diretta. Il suono delle pinze che tagliano il filo mi allevia lo stress. Lo consiglio a tutti coloro che si sentono stressati” ha detto un giovane vestito di nero. Sulla sua testa c’era una telecamera GoPro collegata. Chiaramente, il video finirà su internet.

“Dopo che gli attivisti sono arrivati alle recinzioni, hanno iniziato a tagliare il filo spinato che è molto pericoloso. Si può rimanere impigliati con i vestiti e farsi dei tagli sulle mani. Quando gli animali vengono bloccati lì, sono condannati (nota di rabble: molti cervi sono stati uccisi dopo essersi impigliati nel filo spianto). Gli attivisti si aiutavano a vicenda per districarsi se qualcuno rimaneva bloccato nel filo spinato”

Report of Jan 7th in Athens – Free the 5

Source: No Expo 1st May, #freefive

Yesterday in front of the Court a huge picket of more than 600 people supported the five Greeks comrades, singing and shouting loudly. The picket was made by the assembly of solidarity to the 5, the assembly of the district/neighborhood of Agia Paraskevi (where the five guys live and act politically), the Coordination of Basic Unions (to booksellers, telephone workers, waiters, translators and unemployed). There were also the youth wing of the KKE, a union of public sector workers and many others in solidarity.
Yesterday morning the workers of the municipality of Agia Paraskevi have called a strike for three hours. Todau the assembly of professors of Agia Paraskevi is striking in solidarity.
The trial lasted from 10am to 6pm and the defense witnesses talked all the time, who are knowen people (from a chancellor of the European left, the former president of Syriza to the Mayor of Agia Paraskevi) taking the defense of our comrades.
During the trial there were asked some questions to defense witnesses who obviously spoke in favor of the 5 saying it was unthinkable that 5 guys were sent to prison for a crime that in Greece has a sentence of two months and that in their opinion was a political trial.

8th update:
Court denied the extradition and removed restrictions on the firsts two comrades!

Public Announcement of the 5 Requested Activists from the Italian Authorities

Source: Free 5

In May 1st of 2015, a large demo took place in the context of the May Day strike in Milan. It wasn’t just a day of national general strike, but a day of a meeting of movements from all over Italy (grassroots unions, social centers, students’ groups, struggle committees about housing, immigration communities, the No Tav movement etc) against the austerity measures that were voted and applied by the Renzi government. It was also the peak of the NO EXPO movement, against the international exposition EXPO, with the participation of people from many European countries against the glamorous opening of EXPO the very same day. The mass participation and the dynamics of the protest was the peak of a 7-year-old movement which questioned the exposition and its political campaign, setting in crisis the political careers of government officials and local authorities.

Seven years ago, in 2008, the municipality of Milan undertook hosting of the exposition. For its sake, 1,100 acres of land were concreted and local populations were displaced and their houses were expropriated, so they would submit to the development plans and their commercialisation. The bosses bet that Milan would be a city attractive to the capital, and were trying to showcase it as a business capital and promote it as the 8th Wonder of the Modern World for the local working class people, to whom they promise development and new jobs. The whole city was stylised with luxurious buildings, new highways and spectaculare projects. Behind the showcases of development, the bribes fell like domino one behind the other, the banks lended, managed and laundered money for the rest, the contractors took care to delay the projects so they could overprice them and, of course, among the contractors were involved the mafia with its businesses.

This profitability cycle for the bosses that started in 2008, was set and completed on the brutal exploitation of underpaid and voluntary labour of thousands of youngsters, sparing even more thousands of euros for the pockets of the capitalists. Alongside the building of the exposition, an operation of refinement took place for all those that could be considered dangerous for the maked-up image of the city. Large police operations took place to the neighbourhoods with evictions of locals and immigrants from the social housings, evacuation of social centers and strike requisitions, culminating in the strike of the subway workers a few days before the opening of EXPO.

And while 6 months later the curtain falls for the exposition, the results and the aftermath remain. The EXPO finishes and leaves behind a deficit of 1.5 billions that is to be paid by increased municipal taxes, obligating the proletarians, under the “corporate responsibility” of the debt, to foot the bill and to say “thank you!” for the spectacular feast. It leaves behind looted land, flexible labour relations, establishment of volunteering and repression. Six months later from our adduction in Milan, and while the curtain falls for the EXPO, the Italian authorities start a new witch hunt fabricating indictments and issuing arrest warrants for 5 Italian protesters, while issuing a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for us. We have every reason to believe that our ex post charges, and those of the 5 Italians, are hiding political expediency behind them, and not only because the criminalise the participation in a protest on a basis of a fascist law which was established by Mussolini and still applies to this day, but also because the Italian authorities start an operation of masking and concealment of the “scorched earth” that EXPO left behind, focusing the attention of the public opinion from the scandals to the protesters, in order to save, construct and redeem their political careers. Our prosecution is for the Italian authorities the ideal opportunity to penalise and exemplify us and everyone that were in the streets those days. It is the ideal opportunity to show what future holds for anyone who decides to struggle and meet with other movements on a national and European level.

The issuance of a EAW, the ridiculous indictments, the criminalisation of the participation in a protest, the political trials that have shut in prison activists for 15 years, send a clear message that as long as the underclasses are in the streets uniting their voices, the repression will intensify.

A EAW is issued for the first time for the prosecution of protesters (till now, it was only issued for heavy offenses like drugs and human trafficking, and money laundering). It clearly constitutes an effort to upgrade the internationalised repression, and an effort to criminalise the social struggles and the meeting of movements on a European level. At the same time, it is a bet for all the parts of the european antagonistic movement to put a halt to these repressive approaches, by blocking the extraditions

In 2008-2010, with the outbreak of the recession, due to the global capitalist crisis, in the European economies, the member-states of the EU, in order to save the (global) financial credit system, rushed to take measures to nationalise its damage and losses. First the Greek state, with other states of the Eurozone following. Certainly, this by itself couldn’t solve the problem, because the “financial crisis” is just a mere expression of the crisis in the production and reproduction of capital. So, the problem had to be hit at its root: devaluation of the labour power and downgrading of the lives of the proletarians, in order to achieve the overcoming of the crisis with favorable conditions for the profitability of capital.

Thus, the local and international capitalists and their governments, began to apply austerity measures or going into strict Structural Adjustment Programs. Measures and programs that here in Greece are known as Memoranda, which the coalition government of SYRIZA-ANEL is continuing to vote and apply, like wage, pension and allowance cuts, reductions in public spending, tax increases on food and basic necessities, privatisations, release of redundancy, increases of the retirement age, etc.

All these could only be imposed on the base of a permanent “state of emergency” which, apart from the politics of the “public debt” as lever of enforcement and terrorisation, comes with the withdrawal of “welfare state” and the emergence of the “security state”. All of the above are just different aspects of the same strategy of the management of the crisis from the capital, for the imposition of new norms of discipline and exploitation of the underclasses.

A generalised “state of emergency regime” is imposed step by step in all of Europe, on the occasion of the threat of the “islamic terrorism”, with a widespread militarisation of the western metropolises. A large scale campaign of fear and total control is taking place, with raids on homes of activists, protests ban, introduction of new anti-terror laws and militars patrolling the streets. And it is well-known that this war climate is not only directed against the immigrants who manage to arrive in Europe from the war zones in Africa and Asia, but also to all of those who chose to today and tomorrow to take the streets and protest against the politics of austerity and devaluation, the Fortress Europe, the cemetery-like silence that they are trying to impose on us.

In 7,8 and 11 of January, we are called to battle against these extraditions. The struggle for their blockage is a part of a wider mosaic of struggles which are the embankment of the continuing downgrading of our lives. It is a part of the students’ struggle against their increased schooling costs in universities, of the workers’ everyday struggles and strikes against their bosses, of the movements of local neighbourhood assemblies for the refusal of payment for our basic needs, of the demands of the precarious workers against the modern slavery of the workfare programs, of the riots of the immigrants at the borders and the modern concentration camps. It is a part of every community of struggle which erupts in the public sphere against the capitalist imperatives and the state repression.

We call all our colleagues, classmates, comrades and all the struggling people to make the case of our prosecution their case, to take battle positions, to block the extraditions.

An attack against one is an attack against all


The 5 requested activist from the Italian authorities

13 anti-fascists sentenced to prison – We’ll take the hit together (Stockholm)

Source: Antifascist action Stockholm, Sweden

Sentenc of 13 anti fascists participating in the protests against the now defunct Swede’s Party in September 2014.

Most of the sentences handed out is relating to participation in a riot, an event the prosecution claimed to be two separate ones as, according to them, the situation calmed down between the disturbances. This allows them to prosecute twice for the same accusation and therefore plead for longer sentences and steeper fines.

About 12 000 people found themselves in Kungsträdgården, central of Stockholm, during the protest two weeks before the Swedish Election. When the Police made attempts to disperse the crowd by spraying pepper spray and attacking protesters with truncheons, many decided to stay put and push back the attempts. Amongst the thousands of anti-racists in the area, a great number participated in one way or another in what the court claims to be riots. Out of these people, 15 were prosecuted and 13 sentenced to prison time.

By the preliminary investigation, it is clear that the Swedish Secret Police (SÄPO) has provided information on who, according to them, is an active anti-fascist. SÄPO cooperating with the prosecution in pinpointing a small number of people out of a very big mass can not be seen as anything else than a political stance. They seized the opportunity to lock up and guilt anti-fascists inconvenient to them, even though a large number of people participated in the protests in the same way as the sentenced.

Eight people were given 4 months of prison, two got 10 months and the remaining three were sentenced to 3, 8 and 18 months each. Two people were acquitted. On top of the prison time, the sentenced will also have to pay a large amount of fines to officers who, although being covered head to toe in protective gear, claims to have gained multiple injuries whilst attacking the crowd with the said intention of dispersing it. The total amount of fines adds up to about €38 000/£27 000, although it is currently not clear whether appeals will be made from either sides.

A notable coincidence is that the day of the sentencing, the 17th of November 2015, marks the 100th anniversary of Joe Hill’s execution. Then, as now, progressive class struggle was coupled with risk of tougher sentences if you were active and organised in working towards radical change. Then, as now, the solution was never to mourn when repression hit us, but to organise resistance and solidarity. We cannot equally share the prison time given out, but we can do so with the fines. That is why we yet again are launching a solidarity fund and encourage everyone to reach in to their pockets according to means.

To donate from a non-swedish bank account:
IBAN: SE0680000832799438650120
Bic: SWEDSESS Mark your donation with “BOTER”

Reclaim The Cape – action week (22.4 – 1.5.2016) [en, fi, se, it]

Source: Fennovoima NO

In the end of April 2016 it will be a year since Fennovoima started to prepare areas of Hanhikivi cape for the new nuclear power plant construction in Northern Finland. At the same time the protest camp against Fennovoima celebrates its first anniversary. The camp was able to stay inside the construction area over five months and was able to slow down the construction works. During the summer, dozens of blockades took place and newspapers wrote about various sabotages. In September, after the eviction that lasted eight days, the camp moved outside the construction site to continue its activities with help of local supporters. Blockades and other activity against nuclear power did not stop at any point.

In the end of April we are going to return to the construction site. The aim is to paralyze the whole construction site, for a long time. With a big enough group we can reoccupy the area and stay there. We don’t only want to occupy the area back but also fill the surrounding areas with activities against Fennovoima, nuclear power, destruction of nature and capitalism, and by respecting the plurality of tactics.

Come and join us to make this possible. Come to share your knowhow in a workshop or to learn from the more experienced, and start your summer with numerous comrades in the middle of nature just awaking for the spring.

The event starts on Friday 22 April with a party continuing over the weekend. The following week will be filled with action and workshops, sharing knowledge and knowhow, getting to know new comrades along with action. On Tuesday 26 April it will be thirty years from Chernobyl accident – symbolically perfect moment to stop a new nuclear project. On Chernobyl Day various organizations will carry out their protests and we will also do our part. The event will climax next weekend to the First of May when the aim is to organize an all-time riotous First of May party of Northern Finland. In the nearby cities marches for First of May are also organize and we can join them too.

You can read about our activities and follow the planning of the event at

If and when you decide to join us, send us an email. Please let us know if you are also interested in organizing a workshop or other activities.
stopfennovoima [at]

Printable flyers can be found here (click).

Huhtikuun lopussa 2016 tulee kuluneeksi tasan vuosi siitä, kun Fennovoima aloitti uuden ydinvoimala-alueen valmistelutyöt Hanhikivenniemellä Pohjois-Suomessa. Samaan aikaan juhlii Fennovoiman vastainen protestileiri yksivuotispäiviään. Leiri onnistui pysymään työmaa-alueen sisäpuolella yli viisi kuukautta ja onnistui todella viivästyttämään rakennustöitä. Alueella oli kesän aikana kymmeniä blokkauksia ja lehdet kirjoittivat lukuisista sabotaaseista. Syyskuussa tapahtuneen, kahdeksan päivää kestäneen häädön jälkeen leiri siirtyi työmaa-alueen ulkopuolelle jatkamaan toimintaansa paikallisten tukijoiden vahvalla avustuksella. Blokkaukset ja muu toiminta ydinvoimaa vastaan ei loppunut missään vaiheessa.

Huhtikuun lopulla aiomme palata joukolla työmaalle. Tarkoituksena lamauttaa työmaa kokonaan, pitkäksi aikaa. Tarpeeksi suurella joukolla voimme ottaa alue haltuumme ja pysyä alueella. Haluamme vallata alueen takaisin, mutta myös täyttää koko lähiseudun Fennovoiman, ydinvoiman-, ympäristön tuhoamisen- ja kapitalisminvastaisella toiminnalla, taktiikoiden monimuotoisuutta kunnioittaen.

Tule mukaan tekemään tämä mahdolliseksi, tule jakamaan taitosi työpajassa tai oppimaan kokeneemmilta, viettämään mahtava kesän aloitus lukuisten tovereiden kanssa juuri heräämässä olevan luonnon keskelle.

Tapahtuma alkaa perjantaina 22.4. viikonlopun kestävillä juhlilla, ja juhlien jälkeinen viikko täytetään toiminnalla ja työpajoilla, taitojen ja tietojen jakamisella ja uusiin tovereihin tutustumisella toiminnan ohessa. Tiistai 26.4 on Tšernobylin 30-vuotispäivä – symbolisesti täydellinen hetki pysäyttää uusi ydinvoimalahanke. Tšernobyl-päivänä useat järjestöt tulevat tekemään omat protestinsa ydinvoimaa vastaan ja me aiomme myös tehdä osamme. Tapahtuma huipentuu seuraavana viikonloppuna vappuun, jolloin tavoitteena on järjestää kautta aikain Pohjois-Suomen riehakkaimmat vappujuhlat. Lähikaupungeissa järjestetään myös vappumarsseja, joihin voimme osallistua.

Voit tutustua toimintaamme ja seurata tapahtuman suunnittelun etenemistä osoitteessa

Kun päätät osallistua tapahtumaan tai jos olet kiinnostunut järjestämään työpajaa tai organisoimaan muuta toimintaa ota yhteyttä sähköpostilla
stopfennovoima [at]

Tulostettavat flyerit löytyvät suomeksitäältä

I slutet av April 2016 kommer det att ha gått ett år sedan Fennovoima började förbereda områdena på Hanhikiviudden för det nya kärnkraftverksbygget i Norra Finland. Samtidigt firar protestlägret mot Fennovoima sin första årsdag.
Lägret stannade i byggnadsområdet för över fem månader och bromsade byggnadsarbetena.
Under sommaren skedde tiotals blockader och nyhetstidningar skrev om olika sabotage. I september, efter vräkningen som varade åtta dagar, flyttade lägret utanför byggnadsområdet för att fortsätta aktiviteterna med hjälp av lokalt stöd. Blockader eller andra aktiviteter mot kärnkraft stannade aldrig av.

I slutet av april kommer vi att återvända till byggnadsområdet. Målet är att paralysera hela området, för en lång tid. Med en tillräckligt stor grupp kan vi återta platsen och stanna där. Vi vill inte bara ockupera området, utan också fylla omgivande områden med aktiviteter mot Fennovoima, kärnkraft, kapitalism, förstöringen av naturen och genom att respektera mångfaldiga taktiker.

Kom med och gör det här möjligt. Kom och dela med dig av ditt kunnande i en verkstad eller för att lära dig från de mer erfarna, och börja din sommar med många vänner mitt i vårens uppvaknande av naturen.

Evenemanget börjar fredagen den 22 april med en fest som fortsätter över helgen. Den kommande veckan kommer att vara fylld med aktioner och verkstäder, delning av kunskap och kompetens, lära känna nya kamrater genom handling.
På tisdagen den 26 april kommer det att vara trettio år sedan Tjernobylolyckan – symboliskt perfekt tidpunkt för att stoppa ett nytt kärnkraftsprojekt. På Tjernobyldagen kommer flera olika organisationer protestera och vi kommer också att göra vår del. Evenemanget kommer att nå höjdpunkten under helgen, för första maj, när målet är att organisera en alla tiders upplopps första maj fest i norra Finland. I de närbelägna städerna organiseras marscher för första maj som vi också kan delta i.

Du kan läsa om våra aktiviter och följa planeringen av evenemanget på

Om och när du bestämmer dig för att komma med, skicka ett mejl. Vänligen meddela oss om du är intresserad av att organisera en verkstad eller andra aktiviteter.
stopfennovoima [at]

Utskrivningsbara flygblad kan bli hittade här på engelska

Nell’Aprile del 2016 sarà un anno da quando Fennovoima ha cominciato a preparare l’area del Capo di Hanhikivi per la costruzione di una nuova centrale nucleare nel nord della Finlandia. Allo stesso tempo, il campo di protesta contro Fennovoima festeggia il suo primo anniversario. Il campo è stato in grado di rimanere all’interno della zona di costruzione più di cinque mesi ed è stato in grado di rallentare i lavori. Durante l’estate, decine di blocchi hanno avuto luogo e giornali hanno scritto di vari sabotaggi. Nel mese di settembre, dopo lo sgombero che é durato otto giorni, il campo si é spostato all’esterno del cantiere per proseguire l’attività con l’aiuto di sostenitori locali. Blocchi e altre attività contro l’energia nucleare non si sono fermati mai.

Alla fine di Aprile torneremo al cantiere. L’obiettivo è di paralizzare l’intero cantiere, per lungo tempo. Con un gruppo abbastanza grande possiamo rioccupare la zona e rimanere lì. Noi non vogliamo solo occupare la zona posteriore, ma anche riempire le zone circostanti con attività contro Fennovoima, l’energia nucleare, il capitalismo, la distruzione della natura, e rispettando la pluralità di tattiche.

Vieni e unisciti a noi per rendere questo possibile. Vieni a condividere il tuo know-how in un workshop o ad imparare dai più esperti, con numerosi compagni/e in mezzo alla natura che si sta risvegliando per la primavera.

L’evento inizia Venerdì 22 Aprile con una festa durantente tutto il week-end. La settimana successiva sarà pieno di azione e di worshops, la condivisione delle conoscenze e know-how, possibilitá di conoscere nuovi compagni/e organizzati insieme. Martedì 26 saranno trenta anni da Chernobyl’ – momento simbolicamente perfetto per fermare un nuovo progetto nucleare. Durante il Chernobyl’ Day diverse organizzazioni protesteranno e anche noi faremo la nostra parte. L’evento culmine sará nel week-end successivo, il Primo Maggio, quindi l’obiettivo è quello di organizzare la piú radicale festa del Primo Maggio della Finlandia settentrionale. Nelle vicine città, per il Primo Maggio sono organizzati dei cortei a cui possiamo unirci.

Potete leggere circa le nostre attività e seguire la pianificazione della manifestazione al sito:

Se e quando ti decidi di unirti a noi, inviaci una e-mail. Facci sapere se sei interessato ad organizzare un workshop o altre attività anche.
stopfennovoima [at]

Per avere informazioni in italiano, capire come arrivare, etc. scrivi a solidareco @

Flyer da stampare in inglese