Monica and Francisco sentenced to 12 years in prison

Source: The Free

On March 30th 2016, it was notified to lawyers and companions the judgment of the National Court condemning the anarchists Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar to 5 years in prison on charges of “injury”, plus 7 years for “damage with terrorist purpose”, with a total of 12 years in prison for each. They were acquitted of charges of “belonging to a terrorist organization and conspiracy” against the Monastery of Montserrat. Demonstrations will begin today against this ridiculous sentence.

‘We are presented with the challenge of extending the struggle and solidarity, to defend our ties and our ideas, denying that their world is reduced to the four walls that keep them incarcerated.Our jailed comrades will always be present in our struggles and our daily lives.There is no “inside”, nor is there an “outside” only enemies of the state and authority.Death to the state and long live anarchy! (translated from Indymedia Barcelona)

After spending more than 2 years in jail, and with the prosecution demanding 44 years each, it became clear on the 1st day of their trial that the State has virtually no evidence against Monica and Francisco!

It’s a political case, linked by the police to ongoing raids and repression of the socially progressive and popular anarchist and occupation movement, and aiming to brand them and the anarcho syndicalist trade unions as ”terrorists”.

Worldwide Solidarity

Dozens of solidarity demos, and fundraisers are continuing, including in Greece, Germany, Chile and Chiapas.

‘The prosecution of Monica and Francisco has been directly linked by the police to the ongoing represssion and mass arrests of the Piñata and Pandora raids on libertarian social centers, alleging that all belonged to an unknown conspiracy GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups). It comes in the context of media scapegoating and inventions (and the infamous new Gagging Laws) used to rally support for the far right then ruling PP party. (A function used in the past against the Basque Independence movements until their unilateral ceasefire).

Their conviction will open the way for a generalised repression of the social, occupation and trade union based anarchist movement, and community resistance campaigns in Spain, by branding all as ‘anarcho insurrectionalists’.’

Apart from the severe sentence that could fall on these two companions, the trial represents a critical point in the Pandora / Pinata state crackdown on dissent and repression of the struggles in general’.

The defense had requested an acquittal on all charges and demanded bail to let Francisco and Monica wait for the trial verdict in freedom.

At the end of the trial, Judge Angela Murillo offered the floor to the two defendants. First Monica defended her innocence and her anarchist ideology finishing with a resounding “Death to the State and Long Live Anarchy.”

The tension boiled over when Francisco appeared about to do the same as his companion had done previously. On this occasion, the judge interrupted before he could say more shouting “do not give us lessons!” She then expelled the audience, who were beginning to applaud the defendants, from the Court amid cries of support for Fran and Monica!

Meanwhile, in the press room the TV screens from which the broadcast session was being relayed were abruptly switched off, all to prevent us hearing Fran say “Death to the State and Long Live Anarchy.”

Write to them! Here is the address, the same for both:

* Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda
* Francisco Solar Domínguez

C.P Villabona-Asturias
Finca Tabladiello s/n
33422 Villabona-Llanera

Kolchenko and Sentsov condemned to 30 years

Source: Ukraine solidarity campaign-солідарність України кампанія


The decision on 25th August by a military court in Russia to sentence the Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov to 20 years in prison and socialist and anti-fascist activist Oleksandr Kolchenko to 10 years has sparked an international outcry. They are to be held in a high-security penal colony, Sentsov has been denied the right to even see his children.

Both were arrested by the Federal Security Service (successor to KGB) on 11th May 2014 following the Russian annexation of Crimea, held on trumped up charges of ‘terrorism’. Despite being Ukrainian citizens both were taken from Crimea and the trial held in Russia’s city of Rostov-on-Don under Russian law.

Kolchenko a well-known anti-fascist activist has been absurdly accused of being part of a plot with ‘Right Sector’ the ultra-right nationalist organisation. The whole trial has been denounced by human rights organisations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

Amnesty International describing the trials as being “redolent of a Stalinist-era show trials of dissidents.” Stating that that it was “was fatally flawed and credible allegations of torture and other ill-treatment have been ignored by the court. Both Oleg Sentsov and one of the main witnesses for the prosecution have alleged that they were tortured.” See: Crimean activists sentenced after a fatally flawed military trial.

Human Rights Watch in their dispatches pointed to the political motive of this trial:

“Since the Russian occupation of Crimea, Russian authorities have been quick to silence those who oppose their actions there – be they Crimean Tatars, pro-Ukraine activists, or Moscow-based independent advocates. But this latest case, and the terribly harsh sentences for Sentsov and Kolchenko, is the starkest warning yet to Russia’s critics in Crimea: keep quiet or else.” See: Dispatches: Crimea keep quiet or else!

As the judge read the sentencing Kolchenko and Sentsov were defiant standing arm in arm and singing Ukraine’s national anthem including the lines “We will lay down our body and our soul for our freedom”.

Ken Loach has joined European film directors calling for their release and has informed the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign of his continued support for these prisoners.

Leading left-wing Labour Party MP John McDonnell has joined him in declaring:

“When Amnesty describes a trial as fatally flawed the world needs to sit up and listen. The return of show trials in Russia has to be condemned. I join with the thousands of other upholders of democracy in calling for the release of Sentsov and Kolchenko.”

Mick Antoniw a Labour member of the National Assembly for Wales has called for stepping up the campaign:

“The incarceration of Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov for 20 years is a return to the Stalinist show trials of the nineteen thirties. He has taken a stand against Russian imperialism and aggression and is now paying the price for offending Putin. Now is the time for real international solidarity with Sentsov and the stand he has taken to defend democracy, freedom of speech and Ukraine’s national integrity.”

A view echoed by Michael Calderbank, Co-Editor, Red Pepper:

“The show-trial of film-maker Oleg Sentsov and anti-fascist activist Oleksandr Kolchenko in Putin’s Russia recalls the worst aspects of “justice” as administered under Stalin. The charges are plainly preposterous, and the only “evidence” of their guilt was obtained using torture methods. Their only “crime” is that they are Ukrainians, and wish to challenge Russia’s military aggression. Please support the international campaign to demand their release. ”

The Facts of the Show Trial

1. Sentsov and Kolchenko are Ukrainians that were arrested by the Russian FSB in March 2014
Oleh Sentsov was arrested on 11 May 2014 shortly after the Russian occupation of Crimea; Oleksandr Kolchenko was arrested 5 days later on May 16. Since then, they have been tortured and imprisoned for over a year.

Both men were Crimean’s and opposed Russia’s annexation of the peninsula. Sentsov is a film director internationally recognised for his feature Gamer, he was a Euromaidan activist and later involved in taking food to conscripts blockaded in their bases in Crimea. Oleksandr Kolchenko was a student and socialist, ecologist and anti-fascist activist; he had supported Euromaidan and opposed the Russian occupation. Russian authorities initially claimed Kolchenko and Sentsov “automatically” became citizens of Russia after the annexation of Crimea. Both denied applying for Russian citizenship. Sentsov said he was “not a serf to be transferred together with land.”

2. They were accused of “plotting acts of terrorism” and being part of a “Right sector terrorist group”
The prisoners are accused of committing acts of terror and of being part of a “Right Sector terror group” supposedly led by Oleh Sentsov. These accusations are based entirely on testimonies of Henadiy Afanasiev and Oleksiy Chirniy, who were also arrested and charged with participation in the same group. After holding Sentsov without charges for three weeks a statement by Russia’s FSB accused the four Ukrainians of being “part of a terrorist community, to carry out explosions with home-made devices on 9 May 2014 near the Eternal Flame memorial and Lenin monument in Simferopol and to set on fire to the offices of the Russian Community of Crimea public organization and the United Russia party branch in Simferopol on 14 April and 18 April 2014.”

3. The accusations are based on testimonies given under torture
The accusations against Sentsov and Kolchenko are based entirely on testimonies of Afanasiev and Oleksiy, who were also arrested and charged with participation in the same “terrorist group.” Both Afanasiev and Chirniy have stated they were tortured by FSB.

On 31 July 2015 Afanasyev retracted his testimony as given under duress. After that he was beaten again in prison. Sentsov and Kolchenko have stated repeatedly that they were tortured and beaten, and there is nothing to assume that the same didn’t happen to Chirniy.

4. A return of Stalinist show trials in Russia
The “Right sector” accusations made by FSB are ridiculous. Right sector is a Ukrainian far-right movement, while Kolchenko is a Ukrainian left-wing anti-fascist activist. There’s no evidence to link the prisoners to Right Sector, which is Russian propaganda’s favourite bogeyman. This forced prosecutors to change their accusations to claiming the group just “took on the ideology.” Memorial, a Russian human rights organization, assumed “that Right Sector is being foisted on the indictment in order to create a primitive media image of a nationalist threat in Crimea.”

5. The crimes which they are accused of are never classified as “terrorism” in Russia
One thing that united Kolchenko and Sentsov was their opposition to Russia’s annexation of their homeland, of which Putin’s ruling United Russia party was an active player. Kolchenko, Chirniy, and Afanasiev admit to planning to vandalise the United Russia offices, but in all cases the acts carried no significant damage.

There are numerous cases of such acts at United Russia party offices and administration buildings across Russia. These are never charged as acts of terror, the perpetrators instead being convicted for hooliganism and getting as little as two years in prison.

6. Free these political prisoners
Sentsov and Kolchenko are political prisoners and human right groups in Russia, Ukraine and internationally also recognise them as such. The campaign to free the Ukrainian socialist Kolchenko and film-director Sentsov must be stepped up.The trial being entirely based on forced testimonies, the alleged plot and connection to Right Sector speak of a return of Stalinist show trials in Russia, according to human rights groups.

Nuova inchiesta per 270bis e 280 (Trentino)

Fonte: Informa-azione


Il 14 giugno, di ritorno dalla bella mobilitazione antimilitarista contro l’aeroporto di Decimomannu, quattro compagni sono stati fermati e perquisiti dalla polizia all’aeroporto di Bergamo. Ad un compagno è stata notificata un’indagine per 270bis (associazione sovversiva con finalità di terrorismo) e 280 (attentato con finalità di terrorismo) per due attacchi avvenuti fra il dicembre e il gennaio 2014, il primo a Rovereto contro il polo tecno-industriale “Meccatronica”, il secondo a Trento contro il Tribunale di sorveglianza. In Trentino, come in altre parti d’Italia, si può dire che dal 2000 ad oggi, chiusa una e aperta un’altra, le inchieste per 270bis siano state permanenti.

La “novità” in questo caso è che al compagno gli sbirri volevano prelevare campioni di DNA. Essendosi rifiutato, gli hanno comunicato che verrà avviata la procedura per il prelievo coatto. A partire da quanto dichiarato da sbirri e magistratura sui fatti del 1° maggio a Milano, cioè la volontà di creare un archivio di tracce di DNA su quanto rinvenuto in strada, nelle ultime settimane i prelievi, eseguiti o tentati, contro compagni arrestati, sgomberati o fermati sono stati una costatante. Si può scommettere che tale pratica andrà ben oltre i fatti del 1° maggio.
L’altra “novità” è che titolare dell’inchiesta per le due azioni dirette avvenute in Trentino è la Procura di Trieste. Così si capisce il senso del summit fra digos e procuratori del Trentino, del Veneto e del Friuli avvenuto l’anno scorso. Il motivo per cui la giurisdizione è passata a Trieste è questo: per l’attacco al Tribunale di sorveglianza figurano “persone offese” i magistrati Arnando Rubichi e Ettore di Fazio, il che rende incompatibile la Procura di Trento.

Nel solidarizzare, come abbiamo sempre fatto, con chiunque attacchi il potere, facciamo notare un paio di cose. Al ruolo di cani da guardia del potere, i magistrati di sorveglianza (in particolare Rubichi) aggiungono uno zelo tutto loro, negando sistematicamente liberazioni anticipate, domiciliari e altre “pene alternative” ai prigionieri che ne avrebbero diritto. Zelo che in un solo anno ha provocato ben due suicidi nel carcere di Spini di Gardolo. Nell’ultimo periodo, i detenuti di questo carcere hanno dato vita ad una decisa protesta (battiture, lenzuola incendiate, bombolette del gas fatte esplodere nei corridoi) a cui l’Amministrazione penitenziaria ha risposto con pestaggi e isolamento, facendo intervenire i GOM.
Durante i saluti solidali di questi giorni, assieme ai riferimenti alle varie restrizioni (colloqui e telefonate limitate, divieto di usare il campo da calcio), la costante delle urla dei detenuti erano gli insulti verso Rubichi.
Sappiamo che quando ci fu il botto al Tribunale di sorveglianza i prigionieri esultarono. Qualche detenuto fu addirittura interrogato perché in corrispondenza con alcuni compagni.
Chi sono dunque le persone offese?

Non c’è inchiesta che possa soffocare l’azione diretta e la solidarietà.

Compagne e compagni di Trento e Rovereto

Operation Fenix (en)

Source: AntiFenix available in many languages: Italiano, Castellano, Français, Deutsch, Magyar, Polski, Русский.

Prague, Czech Rebublic: Police repressions, anarchists are charged with preparation of terrorist acts.

No repression can stop a longing for freedom!

With ‘Operation Fenix’ came the biggest wave of police repressions against the anarchist and radical left movement in the recent czech history.

Taking people early in the morning hours, accusations of preparation of terrorist acts and confiscation of a server, which held several activists’ sites, all came with ‘Operation Fenix’ which started on Tuesday, 28th of April. Anti-extremist police is actively trying to frighten the anarchist and anti-authoritarian left scene and collecting information in a fishing expedition.

This is our distress call for international solidarity. Police put out an informational embargo on the operation, although some details have leaked to the media.

Today, on Thursday, the 7th of May, there are still three people in police custody. Three more have been charged with planning terrorist acts and other serious crimes.

Police tactics will not be successful. We will not let ourselves get frightened, we will continue with our political practice.

If you wish to help us, we will gladly accept any political or financial solidarity.

How to help?
In situations where the entire anarchist/radical left scene is facing systematic repressions on many frontiers, any help with softening the blows is more than welcome. We do not want to organize a centralized solidarity campaign, we know from experience in other countries, that the most successful campaigns were decentralized, creative and diverse. We hope to build a campaign transcending borders and coming from all directions.

Here are some suggestions, but of course, there is a myriad of possibilities and creativity is welcome and encouraged.

Information and the press:
Spread information about operation Fenix, share articles with new information on your social media accounts, inform about the situation on your blog… We ask you to use #antifenix as a way to unite the campaign.

Political solidarity:

We hope to use a diverse spectrum of political pressure put on the Czech government to stop the persecution of the anarchist/radical left scene and push to release all political prisoners. We plan to organize a day of solidarity demos for the arrested in operation Fenix. More info coming soon.

Financial solidarity:
Lawyers and law aid are a big expense, we are grateful for any beneficial event you may organize or any other financial support.

IBAN CZ98 0100 0000 0087 6019 0237

Operazione Fenix (it)

Fonte: AntiFenix available in many languages: Castellano, Français, Deutsch, Magyar Polski, Русский.

Repubblica Ceca, 28 aprile 2015: scatta l’operazione Fenix. Decine di compagni inquisiti, undici compagni arrestati, di cui tre tuttora in carcere accusati di aver pianificato alcune azioni dirette. Una vicenda segnata dall’inquietante ruolo svolto da alcuni agenti infiltrati. Un compagno e una compagna ci raccontano alcuni dettagli di questa operazione, con l’invito a sostenere gli arrestati, con benefit, azioni informative, lettere o quant’altro.

Per ulteriori informazioni:

Per scrivere agli arrestati (in attesa di trasferimento definitivo in carcere):

Cassa di solidarietà:

IBAN CZ98 0100 0000 0087 6019 0237

ascolta: RadioCane

Lucio, Graziano e Francesco: sentenced to 2 y and 10 m

Source: Da:, TG Maddalena

Lucio, Graziano and Francesco were sentenced to 2 years, 1 months and 20 days.

The prosecution of the crown prosecutors was dismantled in Turin for Lucio, Francesco and Graziano.

This morning came the judgment after a year in prison under maximum surveillance. The penalty, disproportionate to the facts, and reduced by 1/3 since the summary procedure, it honors only the crusade of cp with the helmet, which had to back down on terrorism charges, but they see accepted other accusations, all relating to fire to the compressor/supercharger.

Lucio, Graziano and Francesco will come out today and serve out the remainder of the sentence under house arrest because thanks to the doggedness of the prosecution have made almost a year in prison.

Even for them we want complete freedom, as well as for all notav still under arrest or subject to measures restricting the personal freedom.

Will come the day when we will show who are the real criminals in the TAV issue, and the many generous notav who fought with passion and commitment will be recognized the right merits, those of feed and support a popular resistance that will never surrender.

Free all, NO TAV!

PS: at the Central of Chiomonte where this morning we find ourselves in solidarity with the three boys, the police block access by implementing yet another provocation against a land that can not be intimidated by some cages, gates and shields. See you soon.

Lucio, Graziano e Francesco: condannati a 2 anni e 10 mesi

Da:, TG Maddalena

Lucio, Graziano e Francesco sono stati condannati a 2 anni, 10 mesi e 20 giorni.

Smontato ancora una volta l’impianto accusatorio della Procura di Torino anche per Lucio, Francesco e Graziano.

Questa mattina è arrivata la sentenza dopo quasi un anno di carcere in circuiti di massima sorveglianza. La pena, spropositata rispetto ai fatti e ridotta di un terzo visto il rito abbreviato, rende onore solo alla crociata dei pm con l’elmetto, che hanno dovuto fare marcia indietro sul l’accusa di terrorismo, ma che vedono accolte le altre accuse, tutte relative all’incendio del compressore.

Lucio, Graziano e Francesco usciranno oggi e sconteranno il rimanente della pena ai domiciliari visto che grazie all’accanimento della procura hanno già fatto quasi un anno di carcere.

Anche per loro vogliamo la completa libertà , così come per tutti i notav ancora agli arresti o colpiti da provvedimenti restrittivi della libertà personale.

Verrá il giorno in cui dimostreremo chi sono i veri criminali nella vicenda Tav, e ai tanti notav generosi che hanno lottato con passione e impegno saranno riconosciuti i giusti meriti, quelli di alimentare e sostenere una resistenza popolare che non si arrenderà mai.

Liberi tutti, avanti notav!

pe: alla Centrale di Chiomonte dove da questa mattina ci si ritrova in solidarietà con i tre ragazzi, le forze dell’ordine bloccano gli accessi mettendo in atto l’ennesima provocazione nei confronti di un territorio che non si lascia certo intimidire da reti, cancelli e scudi. A presto.

L’udienza è iniziata alle 9:30 con le repliche da parte dei PM e le contro-repliche della difesa, come ci spiega l’avvocato Eugenio Losco: “Poi c’è stata la camera di consiglio del giudice ed è stata letta la sentenza . Sono stati riconosciuti responsabili dei reati ed è stata applicata una pena di 2 anni, 10 mesi e 20 giorni, una sentenza che, da quello che si è capito sembrerebbe ricalcare molto quella che è già stata emessa nei confronti di Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò e Mattia dalla Corte d’Assise (il 17 dicembre 2014), questo lo si capisce anche dalla pena, da come è stata determinata, e da una leggera riqualificazione dei fatti che è stata fatta nel dispositivo. In più il giudice ha ritenuto, anche in considerazione del periodo già trascorso in carcere, di modificare la misura, e ha sostituito la custodia cautelare in carcere con i domiciliari con divieto di comunicazione con persone diverse da quelle conviventi, una decisione autonoma del giudice senza una formale richiesta dei difensori, questo anche perché probabilmente ha ritenuto, come è giusto che sia, attenuate in maniera decisa, notevole le misure cautelari e ha ricalcato anche sotto questo aspetto il provvedimento che era stato fatto in Corte d’Assise che aveva successivamente deciso di applicare anche agli altri quattro la misura dei domiciliari.
Siamo abbastanza soddisfatti, ovviamente è una pena importante 2 anni e 10 mesi considerando anche che si trattava di un rito abbreviato però la prima lettura che si può dare è che sono state sconfessate le richieste della pubblica accusa che erano state decisamente superiori, avevano chiesto una pena superiore di tre anni rispetto a quella poi applicata perché avevano richiesto 5 anni e 6 mesi, una richiesta altamente sproporzionata ai fatti e a quello che era già stato deciso dalla Corte d’Assise. In più il giudice ha deciso di applicare anche le circostanze attenuanti generiche, come richiesto dalla difesa, circostanze che invece i PM avevano ritenuto non meritevoli i tre ragazzi. Dobbiamo aspettare le motivazioni della sentenza, il giudice si è riservato 90 giorni per il deposito delle motivazioni, escono oggi… entro questa sera possono andare finalmente a casa dopo quasi un anno di detenzione, e questo è sicuramente l’aspetto più importante della giornata.”Intanto arrivano notizie da Chiomonte: bloccato l’accesso al ponte, per accedere ai cancelli della centrale, dove i no tav si sono dati appuntamento per una lunga giornata di iniziative.

Solidarity to Lucio, Fra, Graziano!

Lucio Alberti, Graziano Mazzarelli and Francesco Sala are three comrades accused of having done on May 13rd 2013 a night attack on the costruction site of the TAV in Chiomonte. They will be judged for the crimes of damage by means of fire, violence against public officer, possession and transport of weapons of war.
Today the three are in the jail of Turin. Four other No Tav No Tav accused of the same crimes for the same act, are instead today under house arrest (Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò and Mattia).

Also for the Court of Review, which before Christmas was called upon to decide on the crime of terrorism given by the prosecutor in Turin for Lucio, Francesco and Graziano, the crime does not exist. It was the last attempt of hysterical crown prosecutor (it’s in fact been notified a few days before the ruling for Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò and Mattia) to continue to build their castle of accusations against the No TAV. Remain the charges of possession and manufacture of molotov and resisting the police, allegations that maintain precautionary detention in prison.

It took place on April 23rd the first hearing, strictly behind closed doors to Lucio, Francesco and Graziano.
During the hearing the defense lawyers had to thwart the will of the prosecution to make theclosing argument in one day and got a postponement to May 12 for a hearing to be held always behind closed doors.
The three No Tav, inmates at Vallette (Turin’s jail) in conditions unworthy, have asked to return to the jail of Ferrara, although in high security, awaiting the start of the process.
The court will issue a ruling later on May 27th.

Update from May 12nd:

Lucio, Francesco Graziano and the request of crown prosecutors Rinaudo and Padalino is sentenced to 5 years and 6 months. In the hearing today, practically the only considering the track trial, the first 3 hours were entirely occupied by the two prosecutors, according to the comrades’ lawyer Losco: “[…] the facts in dispute are clearly less severe, the request was so high compared with the one asked for the four activists last here, it was suprising”

All we were on that night.
Terrorist is who terrifies and destruct the lands.

UPDATE 27th May 2015:

Lucio, Graziano and Francesco were sentenced to 2 years, 10 months and 20 days.

This morning came the judgment after a year in prison under maximum surveillance. The penalty, disproportionate to the facts, and reduced by 1/3 since the summary procedure, it honors only the crusade of cp with the helmet, which had to back down on terrorism charges, but they see accepted other accusations, all relating to fire to the compressor/supercharger. Read more.