No Borders – demonstration in Brenner (Italy / Austria) 7.5.2016

On Saturday 7th of May, a demonstration started around 2pm in Brenner, a small town in Italy on the border with Austria. There has been clashes between demonstrators and Italian police.

Around 500 (five h) people tried to reach the border between Italy and Austria. The demo was called to protest against the initiative of Vienna to built a built walls and fences and introduce more patrols on the border.

The protesters advanced on the railway tracks, on the highway and on the federal road, which are the three access routes to Austria.

While the protesters advanced towards the north, around 500 (five h) riot cops tried for many hours to reject with charges, throwing tear gas and, finally, using a fire hose.

Hundreds of deplyed Austrian riot cops observed across the border. A helicopter of the Austrian police patroled the area.

Around 5.30pm, the protesters were dispersed into several groups: some made their way over the mountains and through the woods that surround the gorge where is the pass. Many others have backed away at the edges of the road and have taken off clothes to protect anonymity. Dozens of them were stopped. Cops feared that they can regroup.

Till now there is 6 comrades arrested: Cristian, Luca, Miriam, Stefano, Sabrina and Nemo. Freedom for them now!

The demo was part of a transnational campaign of No Borders groups that claims the closure of detention centers with their inherent violence and abusive system of detention of migrants. See (mostly in Italian) abbatterelefrontiere blogspot

Update 9.5:
1 year with suspended sentence for Miriam;
1 year and 2 months with suspended suspended for Stefano and Cristian;
1 year and 4 months with suspended suspended for Luca;
1 year and 4 months without suspended probation with prohibition of residence from Bolzano to Sabrina and Nemo;
All free tonight!

Report of Jan 7th in Athens – Free the 5

Source: No Expo 1st May, #freefive

Yesterday in front of the Court a huge picket of more than 600 people supported the five Greeks comrades, singing and shouting loudly. The picket was made by the assembly of solidarity to the 5, the assembly of the district/neighborhood of Agia Paraskevi (where the five guys live and act politically), the Coordination of Basic Unions (to booksellers, telephone workers, waiters, translators and unemployed). There were also the youth wing of the KKE, a union of public sector workers and many others in solidarity.
Yesterday morning the workers of the municipality of Agia Paraskevi have called a strike for three hours. Todau the assembly of professors of Agia Paraskevi is striking in solidarity.
The trial lasted from 10am to 6pm and the defense witnesses talked all the time, who are knowen people (from a chancellor of the European left, the former president of Syriza to the Mayor of Agia Paraskevi) taking the defense of our comrades.
During the trial there were asked some questions to defense witnesses who obviously spoke in favor of the 5 saying it was unthinkable that 5 guys were sent to prison for a crime that in Greece has a sentence of two months and that in their opinion was a political trial.

8th update:
Court denied the extradition and removed restrictions on the firsts two comrades!

Public Announcement of the 5 Requested Activists from the Italian Authorities

Source: Free 5

In May 1st of 2015, a large demo took place in the context of the May Day strike in Milan. It wasn’t just a day of national general strike, but a day of a meeting of movements from all over Italy (grassroots unions, social centers, students’ groups, struggle committees about housing, immigration communities, the No Tav movement etc) against the austerity measures that were voted and applied by the Renzi government. It was also the peak of the NO EXPO movement, against the international exposition EXPO, with the participation of people from many European countries against the glamorous opening of EXPO the very same day. The mass participation and the dynamics of the protest was the peak of a 7-year-old movement which questioned the exposition and its political campaign, setting in crisis the political careers of government officials and local authorities.

Seven years ago, in 2008, the municipality of Milan undertook hosting of the exposition. For its sake, 1,100 acres of land were concreted and local populations were displaced and their houses were expropriated, so they would submit to the development plans and their commercialisation. The bosses bet that Milan would be a city attractive to the capital, and were trying to showcase it as a business capital and promote it as the 8th Wonder of the Modern World for the local working class people, to whom they promise development and new jobs. The whole city was stylised with luxurious buildings, new highways and spectaculare projects. Behind the showcases of development, the bribes fell like domino one behind the other, the banks lended, managed and laundered money for the rest, the contractors took care to delay the projects so they could overprice them and, of course, among the contractors were involved the mafia with its businesses.

This profitability cycle for the bosses that started in 2008, was set and completed on the brutal exploitation of underpaid and voluntary labour of thousands of youngsters, sparing even more thousands of euros for the pockets of the capitalists. Alongside the building of the exposition, an operation of refinement took place for all those that could be considered dangerous for the maked-up image of the city. Large police operations took place to the neighbourhoods with evictions of locals and immigrants from the social housings, evacuation of social centers and strike requisitions, culminating in the strike of the subway workers a few days before the opening of EXPO.

And while 6 months later the curtain falls for the exposition, the results and the aftermath remain. The EXPO finishes and leaves behind a deficit of 1.5 billions that is to be paid by increased municipal taxes, obligating the proletarians, under the “corporate responsibility” of the debt, to foot the bill and to say “thank you!” for the spectacular feast. It leaves behind looted land, flexible labour relations, establishment of volunteering and repression. Six months later from our adduction in Milan, and while the curtain falls for the EXPO, the Italian authorities start a new witch hunt fabricating indictments and issuing arrest warrants for 5 Italian protesters, while issuing a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for us. We have every reason to believe that our ex post charges, and those of the 5 Italians, are hiding political expediency behind them, and not only because the criminalise the participation in a protest on a basis of a fascist law which was established by Mussolini and still applies to this day, but also because the Italian authorities start an operation of masking and concealment of the “scorched earth” that EXPO left behind, focusing the attention of the public opinion from the scandals to the protesters, in order to save, construct and redeem their political careers. Our prosecution is for the Italian authorities the ideal opportunity to penalise and exemplify us and everyone that were in the streets those days. It is the ideal opportunity to show what future holds for anyone who decides to struggle and meet with other movements on a national and European level.

The issuance of a EAW, the ridiculous indictments, the criminalisation of the participation in a protest, the political trials that have shut in prison activists for 15 years, send a clear message that as long as the underclasses are in the streets uniting their voices, the repression will intensify.

A EAW is issued for the first time for the prosecution of protesters (till now, it was only issued for heavy offenses like drugs and human trafficking, and money laundering). It clearly constitutes an effort to upgrade the internationalised repression, and an effort to criminalise the social struggles and the meeting of movements on a European level. At the same time, it is a bet for all the parts of the european antagonistic movement to put a halt to these repressive approaches, by blocking the extraditions

In 2008-2010, with the outbreak of the recession, due to the global capitalist crisis, in the European economies, the member-states of the EU, in order to save the (global) financial credit system, rushed to take measures to nationalise its damage and losses. First the Greek state, with other states of the Eurozone following. Certainly, this by itself couldn’t solve the problem, because the “financial crisis” is just a mere expression of the crisis in the production and reproduction of capital. So, the problem had to be hit at its root: devaluation of the labour power and downgrading of the lives of the proletarians, in order to achieve the overcoming of the crisis with favorable conditions for the profitability of capital.

Thus, the local and international capitalists and their governments, began to apply austerity measures or going into strict Structural Adjustment Programs. Measures and programs that here in Greece are known as Memoranda, which the coalition government of SYRIZA-ANEL is continuing to vote and apply, like wage, pension and allowance cuts, reductions in public spending, tax increases on food and basic necessities, privatisations, release of redundancy, increases of the retirement age, etc.

All these could only be imposed on the base of a permanent “state of emergency” which, apart from the politics of the “public debt” as lever of enforcement and terrorisation, comes with the withdrawal of “welfare state” and the emergence of the “security state”. All of the above are just different aspects of the same strategy of the management of the crisis from the capital, for the imposition of new norms of discipline and exploitation of the underclasses.

A generalised “state of emergency regime” is imposed step by step in all of Europe, on the occasion of the threat of the “islamic terrorism”, with a widespread militarisation of the western metropolises. A large scale campaign of fear and total control is taking place, with raids on homes of activists, protests ban, introduction of new anti-terror laws and militars patrolling the streets. And it is well-known that this war climate is not only directed against the immigrants who manage to arrive in Europe from the war zones in Africa and Asia, but also to all of those who chose to today and tomorrow to take the streets and protest against the politics of austerity and devaluation, the Fortress Europe, the cemetery-like silence that they are trying to impose on us.

In 7,8 and 11 of January, we are called to battle against these extraditions. The struggle for their blockage is a part of a wider mosaic of struggles which are the embankment of the continuing downgrading of our lives. It is a part of the students’ struggle against their increased schooling costs in universities, of the workers’ everyday struggles and strikes against their bosses, of the movements of local neighbourhood assemblies for the refusal of payment for our basic needs, of the demands of the precarious workers against the modern slavery of the workfare programs, of the riots of the immigrants at the borders and the modern concentration camps. It is a part of every community of struggle which erupts in the public sphere against the capitalist imperatives and the state repression.

We call all our colleagues, classmates, comrades and all the struggling people to make the case of our prosecution their case, to take battle positions, to block the extraditions.

An attack against one is an attack against all


The 5 requested activist from the Italian authorities

No all’estradizione dei 5 studenti in lotta! #freefive

Da: Autonomia Diffusa

Giovedì 12 novembre, giorno di sciopero generale, la polizia accompagnata da un magistrato, fa irruzione nelle case di cinque studenti ad Aghia Paraskevi e li arresta, su richiesta dello Stato italiano e in conformità con il Mandato Europeo di Cattura emesso contro di loro. Lo stesso giorno, a Milano, la polizia italiana arresta cinque ragazzi con lo stesso capo d’imputazione.
I reati contestati riguardano la loro partecipazione al corteo No Expo avvenuto il primo maggio a Milano Dalle autorità giudiziarie italiane e, indirettamente, dal governo stesso è stata richiesta l’estradizione dei cinque giovani affinché il loro processo si svolga in Italia, senza che l’intero fascicolo d’inchiesta sia ancora stato inviato al consiglio della Corte d’Assise, che dovrà decidere se accogliere la richiesta di estradizione.Le uniche prove fornite dall’accusa consistono nella loro presunta partecipazione agli scontri, senza specificare quali siano state effettivamente le azioni compiute e in che modo potessero essere attribuibili a loro. L’impianto accusatorio è rimasto alla mercé dei disegni politici dei magistrati della Corte d’Assise, che deciderà se il materiale raccolto sarà sufficiente a consolidare l’accusa.

No Expo – Come dire ora basta!

Che corteo era, quindi, quello a cui hanno partecipato i cinque studenti ?Quest’anno è toccato a Milano ospitare l’Esposizione Universale, un evento organizzato ogni cinque anni in una città diversa, il cui scopo primario è quello di spettacolarizzare le meraviglie del capitalismo e permettere alle grandi imprese di concludere affari di ogni genere. Chiamiamole Olimpiadi, chiamiamola Coppa del Mondo o Biennale, si tratta sempre delle stesse feste durante le quali lo champagne scorre a fiumi, rigorosamente servito da giovani sottopagati, dove tra gioielli e pellicce si raccontano le barzellette e le èlite mondiali del capitalismo firmano con la penna d’oro le ultime condizioni di sfruttamento dei lavoratori. Per l’organizzazione di questa festa non sono mancate mazzette e tangenti tra politici, mafiosi e grandi appaltatori, gli scandali e i buchi nei bilanci, parallelamente alle infami condizioni di lavoro nella costruzione e nello svolgimento di Expo, le speciali misure di sicurezza ecc. Ma sarà un successo assicurato! Non possiamo permettere alla miseria e sfruttamento di rovinarci la festa! Non dimentichiamo che questo enorme sperpero di denaro avviene contemporaneamente all’adozione di nuove misure di austerità da parte del governo italiano.

Anche se tutto questo ha un sapore greco (Olimpiadi e crisi in testa), si tratta di capitalismo mondiale. Contro questa fiera di svalutazione delle nostre vite, migliaia di persone da tutta Italia e non solo hanno deciso di unire le loro voci e il loro impegno in un collettivo “ora basta”.Il giorno di inaugurazione di Expo viene indetto un corteo NoExpo, condiviso da tutte le realtà di movimento e, grazie alla concomitanza del primo maggio, anche dai lavoratori. Sono riuscite a coesistere diverse logiche e diverse pratiche, componendo un movimento di resistenza sociale eterogeneo.

Ma che avevano da fare li i 5 di Aghia Paraskevi?

I cinque studenti accusati fanno parte del movimento studentesco greco, sono membri attivi delle assemblee del loro quartiere e hanno preso parte alle lotte scoppiate negli ultimi anni in Grecia. In altre parole sono parte di quelle migliaia di persone in lotta che negli ultimi anni sono scese nelle strade per la dignità e la solidarietà sociale. Sono una goccia nell’oceano dei milioni di persone che, organizzate o meno, resistono allo sfruttamento e alla svalutazione delle loro vite, alla violenza quotidiana del potere che arriva fino all’assassinio, dalle morti sul lavoro alle “esecuzioni” a freddo della polizia così in Grecia come in Argentina, passando per Tunisia, Egitto, Bosnia, Turchia, Messico e Brasile, solo per citarne alcuni. Era naturale che i cinque studenti partecipassero a una manifestazione del genere. Il giorno successivo, durante un rastrellamento, sono stati fermati davanti a un bar semplicemente perché uscivano da uno spazio sociale occupato; sono, poi, stati obbligati illegalmente, senza la presenza di un interprete, a fornire le proprie impronte digitali e il DNA.

Quando quelli di “sotto” si svegliano, quelli “sopra” tremano

É evidente che la resistenza generalizzata della classe subalterna non lascia indifferente lo Stato, anzi, fa aumentare la posta in gioco. L’attacco ai diritti dei lavoratori e a ogni condizione di vita dignitosa si intensifica, così da aumentare sfruttamento e paura e limitando quindi la possibilità di reagire. In poche parole vogliono costringerci a tenere la testa bassa, elemosinare le briciole e a dire pure grazie, senza avere né il tempo né la forza e l’energia per organizzare le nostre resistenze.

La violenza di Stato e la repressione fanno somigliare sempre di più le polizie nazionali a eserciti, tanto nelle tattiche quanto negli armamenti. E’ lo stesso filo rosso che unisce l’assassinio di Grigoropuolos, l’operato feroce dei MAT, le forze antisommossa, dei ΔΕΛΤΑ/ΔΙΑΣ (Delta/Dias) e in generale dei corpi di polizia durante gli scioperi generali in Grecia. Così come altrove, negli assassinii delle favelas brasiliane, nei ghetti americani e nelle banlieu francesi, a Genova nel 2001 con Carlo Giuliani, nel cosiddetti naufragi dei migranti nel Mediterraneo. É sempre lo stesso cartello d’avvertimento, quello che lampeggia sopra le teste dei dannati di questa terra a ricordarci: “state buoni, le vostre vite per noi non valgono nulla.”

Il sistema infine prepara la repressione dal punto di vista giudiziario. Il Mandato di Cattura Europeo, di cui si avvale la magistratura italiana per chiedere l’estradizione dei cinque studenti, è entrato in vigore con la legge antiterrorismo del 2004, che calpesta i diritti umani più elementari, come ad esempio il fatto che in Italia manchi un termine di scadenza massimo per la custodia cautelare. Ciò significa ad esempio che se i cinque studenti dovessero essere estradati, potrebbero passare cinque anni nelle carceri italiane, lontani dai loro cari, e successivamente dopo il processo essere assolti. Cosa alquanto probabile considerata l’esiguità di prove presentate attualmente dagli inquirenti. Questa estradizione comporterebbe il loro totale isolamento, una rovina economica per loro e le famiglie, nonché l’impossibilità di difendersi adeguatamente: altra lingua, altro diritto. L’integrazione europea somiglia a una Guantanamo generalizzata, vorrebbe vedere dietro le sbarre tutti coloro che riempivano le strade di Atene in tutti questi anni di lotte sociali, scioperi e manifestazioni.

É chiaro che l’unica accusa rivolta ai cinque studenti è quella di aver unito la loro voce a quella di migliaia si altri a Milano e altrove, di aver deciso di resistere alla sorte che i potenti di questo mondo ci vogliono riservare!

É altrettanto chiaro che la nostra solidarietà a chi lotta non è negoziabile!

– No all’estradizione dei 5 studenti in lotta di Aghia Paraskevi

– Cessazione di ogni procedimento nei loro confronti

– Solidarietà ai 5 italiani accusati per lo stesso caso

Martedì 24/11 Manifestazione all’ambasciata italiana 18.00, Sekeri & Bas. Sofias

Sabato 28/11 Corteo Monastiraki 12.00,

In occasione della giornata paneuropea di solidarietà agli arrestati per il Corteo del Primo Maggio NoExpo

Assemblea di solidarietà ai 5 studenti in lotta

Repression against comrades participating to May 1st in Milan

Source: Infoaut

On thursay november 12th morning a joint international police operation in Milan arrested 8 comrades – 4 of them being based in Milan and other 4 in Athens – in the framework of an inquiry about the riots which erupted during the great No Expo demonstration, last May 1st, in the Northern Italian metropolis. Other two comrades, a Greek and an Italian one, are on the run – while 4 more from Milan and Como and another one from Athens are charged and under investigation without being arrested.

The charges are those of arson, illegal disguise, aggravated resistance to a public officer, devastation and pillage – “devastazione e saccheggio”, a legacy crime from the Codice Rocco fascist law that was never abolished after the fall of the regime: just to be arbitrarily used through the years in several trials concerning street riots – but producing an executive sentence only in the case of the GenoaG8 trial, when sentences ranging from 6 to 14 years in jail were inflicted upon 10 demonstrators framed for public disorder.

Political police DIGOS commissioner Ciccimarra talked at the press conference of a work of analysis on 600 GB-worth video and photo material, fingerprints and DNA samples, warning about more arrest to come in the search for an “international masterplan” behind the riots.

Among the mainstream media, the most sickening work was that of the Milan-based national daily Corriere della Sera (one of the biggest Italian press outlets), which anticipated the arrests a couple of weeks ago, in the aftermath of the closure of the Expo kermesse. In spite of the different perspectives among the participants to that May 1 that reconstruction and the following arrests, coming after the show was over, implied a fear of retribution from the autonomous antagonist movement by the authorities.

The Corriere also published pictures, names and surnames of the convicted comrades, in spite of the legal safeguards of their presumption of innocence until found guilt.

We will publish addresses of the comrades in prison as soon as the will be available, in order to let everyone write them.

Liberi Tutti! Eleftheria!

Update 16/11/2015

You can write to the ‪4 No Expo Italian comrades imprisoned after the police operation last thursday at this address:

Alessio Dell’Acqua

Niccolò Ripani

Edoardo Algardi

Casieri Andrea

C.C. San Vittore
Piazza Filangieri 2
20123 Milano

We also invite to join actions organized by the movement in Athens in order to prevent extradition of the Greek comrades – which are now free but under investigation and compulsory sign-in – to Italy.

Solidarity is a weapon!

Trident juncture bloccata! Note sulla manifestazione antimilitarista

Fonte: No Border Sard

Ieri si è svolta quella che per molti è e sarà una giornata storica nelle lotte antimilitariste della Sardegna e non solo. E’ stata bloccata un’esercitazione militare della NATO, non una qualsiasi però, quella che la Nato stessa ha definito come la più grande dal 2002, e forse addirittura dal 1990. Per non trarre in inganno i lettori è giusto specificare che vista l’imponenza, l’esercitazione si è svolta in tre nazioni diverse, qui in Sardegna ne abbiamo avuto come al solito una discreta fetta.

Da mesi la rete No basi né qui né altrove aveva lanciato una mobilitazione per il blocco della TJ. La scelta della data del 3 Novembre per il grande corteo è stata presa durante il campeggio antimilitarista svoltosi a Cagliari il 9 10 e 11 Ottobre. Da quel momento l’unione di nuove forze alla costruzione della giornata ha dato una forte spinta, in particolare il Comitato Studentesco contro l’occupazione militare. Sono state fatte presentazioni in tutta la Sardegna, attacchinati migliaia di manifesti e fatte tante e lunghe assemblee, in un crescendo di partecipazione e entusiasmo.

In tutto questo la questura di Cagliari, con il suo neo-capo Danilo Gagliardi, non è stata a guardare. Prima e durante il campeggio si sono visti atteggiamenti e violenze sbirresche fuori dal comune, sono stati emanati 12 fogli di via per ragazzi e ragazze del continente, alcuni dei quali non erano mai venuti in Sardegna. Le attenzioni del questore sono continuate con l’avvicinarsi del corteo.

Il 28 ottobre sono stati notificati 3 fogli di via a tre compagn* cagliaritani, per tre anni da Teulada e Sant’Anna Arresi e per qualcuno anche da Decimomannu e Arbus. Il giorno successivo altri 6. La motivazione citata nel provvedimento era l’aver identificato queste persone nei dintorni del poligono di Teulada con “fare sospetto”. In realtà tutte queste persone sono state identificate dalla polizia militare (specifico corpo dei carabinieri) nei pressi della spiaggia di Porto Pino mentre studiavano i luoghi dove si sarebbe svolto il corteo, regolarmente comunicato… I colpiti promettono immediatamente la violazione collettiva dei fogli di via.

Ma non è finita, tre giorni prima del corteo il prode questore Gagliardi decide di vietare il corteo, lo comunica solo a mezzo stampa, e si dice disponibile a concedere un sit-in in un luogo da concordare. Questa decisione si trasforma in una scintilla che innesca un incendio di indignazione e solidarietà, che poi diventerà partecipazione.

Tutto il mondo dell’opposizione alle basi militari chiede a gran voce la concessione della manifestazione, e rivendica la violazione dei fogli di via. Il questore non torna sui suoi passi, concede solo un sit-in nel parcheggio di Porto Pino con tre pagine di prescrizioni. La sera del 2 viene indetta una fiaccolata contro la Trident di fronte all’ingresso della base di Teulada e contro le decisoni questurili. Gagliardi vieta anche quella, ma giustamente viene fatta lo stesso, e si trasforma in veglia, in attesa del corteo della mattina dopo.

Il 3 Novembre per qualcuno inizia molto presto, alle 6 e 30 carabineiri e polizia si presentano in una casa per notificare altri tre fogli di via, tre anni da Teulada e Sant’Anna Arresi e per uno anche da Decimomannu e Arbus.

Alle otto e mezzo partono tre pullman da Piazza Matteotti, macchine e macchinate convergono a Porto Pino da tutta la Sardegna. La s.p. 73 è presidiata dagli sbirri come se conducesse a Gaza. Quasi tutti vengono fermati e identificati, alcuni anche perquisiti, con la sola motivazione di recarsi in direzione del concentramento. I pullman vengono fermati sul limite amministrativo del comune di Sant’Anna Arresi, DIGOS e celere li accerchiano e iniziano a cercare i titolari dei fogli di via. Nel frattempo le persone giunte a Porto Pino dopo rapide consultazioni decidono di partire incorteo verso i pullman bloccati. Dopo lunghe discussioni i compagn* con il foglio di via vengono portati alla caserma di Giba, e vi rimarranno fino alle 17, avendo in omaggio la denuncia per violazione. Gli altri possono così proseguire, decidono di partire in corteo dal blocco e andare verso l’altro corteo che si era mosso verso la loro direzione.

Da qui in poi la cronaca non è scritta dalle stesse mani perchè i redattori di questo blog erano tutti fra “i ragazzi di Giba”. Scorrendo gli articoli sottostanti troverete i comunicati di solidarietà e articoli vari inerenti la giornata del tre il prima e il dopo. Alla prossima..

Ore 12.30. dai pullman parte il corteo.

Ore 13.00. il corteo viene più volte provato a fermare da schieramenti di celerini, che a volte decidono poi di spostarsi dopo le afone grida dei confusi dirigigenti di piazza, altre vengono semplicemte aggirati dai campi.

Ore 14.00 il corteo entra nella strada che conduce a Porto Pino.

Ore 14.45. Il corteo devia su una strada sterrata prima del bivio di Porto Pino in località is Brebeis, lungo lo stagno. La polizia nervosissima carica alle spalle. Vengono lanciati dei lacrimogeni, i manifestanti resistono. Diversi feriti. Ora il corteo spezzato. Il vice questore Rossi fuori di sé sbraita e minaccia arresti ma i manifestanti non rinunciano a proseguire

Ore 15.00. Alcuni gruppi proseguono verso il poligono, un folto gruppo resta nella strada sterrata mentre un altro troncone è fermo sulla strada asfaltata. La polizia ha difficoltà a controllare la situazione.

Ore 15.15. Almeno 20 manifestanti sono riusciti a tagliare le reti e a introdursi nel poligono! Altri gruppi li seguono. L’esercitazione è bloccata! Il grosso del corteo resta bloccato sulla strada asfaltata con la polizia massicciamente disposta sul bivio sterrato.

(Updated!) New arrests for antifascist demo of January 24th (Italy)

Source: Informa-Azione, InfoAut, Cremona Oggi

New phase in the aftermath of repression following the angry demo in Cremonaon January 24th 2015, a few days after the attack by members of the fascist organization Casapound to the CSA Dordoni’s comrades and the serious wounding of Emilio. For practices implemented during that event, four boys are still subjected to home arrest and mandatory residence.
On the morning of October 20th, after nine months by the events, a number of searches and precautionary measures hit the comrades residents in different parts of Italy.

Three arrests were made in Cremona, Milan and Palermo, while it is impossible to find comrade based in Brescia.
From the police headquarters, we know that the identification of one of those arrested has been help by the recovery of helmets and other material left to the end of the demo, through which the cops would have climbed back to the store and then to the buyer.
To spread the names of antifascists arrested expect to know the prisons in which they were imprisoned, although it has already been published in the local media.

At dawn this morning four comrades were arrested, living in the province of Cremona (one militant CSA Dordoni), one from Brescia (fugitive at the time), one of Palermo and one in Milan, with heavy charges, including destruction and looting (from 7 to 15 years of jail according to law) and external complicity (increased punishment) and connected directly to that day in which thousands of people have marked a profound incompatibility with the establishment of a fascist seat within the city area.

We got the adresses of the prisoners – please write to them to show solidarity!

Filippo Esposti
C.C. di Cremona
Via Palosca 2,
26100 Cremona

Kuljit Tawari
C.C. di Cremona
Via Palosca 2,
26100 Cremona

Giovanni Marco Codraro
C.C. Pagliarelli
Piazzale Pietro Cerulli 1,
90129 Palermo
Italia Italy

Occupied Ex-Telecom evicted in Bologna

Source: LaRepubblica, InfoAut – photos and videos

October 20th: this morning big police forces have blocked both sides of the former Telecom building in Via Fioravanti (Bologna) to proceed to the eviction of the structure occupied on December 4th 2014 and which gives home to many families (280 individuals) that they can not afford a house because of the crisis.

Immediately the resistance of the occupiers engages, who in about 150 climbed on the roof and from inciting the solidarity picket formed immediately to support the effort against an act of repression that makes good account of the misery of management of the housing geared to not solve problems but to continue to reproduce.

After about ten minutes the picket was charged by the police who want to prevent any kind of active solidarity to those who are leading the resistance on the roof.

During the charges a guy was wounded in the hand, probably broken as a result of the brutality of police intervention.

Update 14.15: Antiriot cops are wearing helmets in the Ex-Telecom and take away the children from the parents making the space with batons! A child with respiratory problems was taken away by ambulance, while meanwhile, continues to divide the other children from their mothers.

Update 15.30: Firefighters are entering into the Ex-Telecom with the aim of trying to achieve resistant in the roof! Men, women and children do not want to surrender… that is their home!

Update 16:15: During the eviction and there are reports of an occupant with the jaw split due to a kick from a cop, resistance continues in and out of the building. The network Eat The Rich has held a solidarity dinner directly in front of the picket at 8 pm tonight. This long day is also seeing the great protagonists of the occupants of Via Mario De Maria and Muri di Porta Galliera, participating from early morning.

S 12th: New attack to TAV working site in Chiomonte (Italy)


On September 12th just after midnight a group of No TAV has brought a new attack on the construction site of the geognostic tunnel. Fireworks were thrown over fences. Another group of activists instead closed with chains and locks the gates to prevent the police to leave. From the first news coming we know that 9 No TAVs are stopped. We communicate now that they are all well and have now been released. After some initial entrainment and jerks, as for the eight arrested last Saturday, they were brought by the police inside the building site to be identified. From here on, however, came the first problems for “security workers”. After an initial joy to have completed another major operation some the figures don’t add up. This time the “arrested” are all over 60 (y/o) with some peaks that reach 80. Instead, young No TAVs Venaus awaiting news and wake up the parents and lawyers in the middle of the night. After some consultations, possibly involving the prosecutor’s office of Turin police have thus chosen to release all the detainees, although the action was identical to that which led to the arrest last Saturday of eight young No TAV. Too inconvenient politically the arrest of an elderly person? Or too uncomfortable to admit that even older people can do some nine kilometers of trails, cover theirselves, throwing what they want within the yard and be stopped just because of their own choosing not to flee? We will never know the truth but to both our questions we answer “yes”, it is inconvenient to show that in the Val di Susa everybody resists and that all the money, millions of Euros now, expended in security infrastructure (thousands of meters of fencing) and police are useless.

After tonight we can say for sure, everyone can participate in the resistance No TAV! To prevent a huge waste of public money. To prevent the devastation of an entire territory. To allocate this wealth or these efforts toward those who really need it. Useful infrastructure such as schools to safety hydrogeological to reach the tens of thousands of migrants who arrive every day with difficulty in Europe.

6 arrests in Turin for the march against racist party’s leader

Source: Infoaut

Yesterday in the late morning a police operation kicked off in Turin, leading to the arrest of 6 comrades of the Askatasuna social centre. The charges refer to the march last March 28 during the speech by Northern League secretary Matteo Salvini. In those months that fascist-leagueist character was crossing the squares of several Italian cities, attempting to rally consensus around racist and xenophobic discourses, which were functional to maintain his own privileges of politician and to address discontent to the bottom rather than against the true responsibles.

In Turin, as it happened in many other cities with the #MaiConSalvini [Never with Salvini, a play of words on the opposite #NoiConSalvini – us with Salvini – slogan (TN)] slogan, a city march in order to reject the presence of Salvini and his leagueist and neofascist entourage was called in the week before the speech. The demonstration of students, precarious workers and migrants was violently charged a few meters after its start while it was trying to reach piazza Solferino, the place of the speech. During the charge 8 people were detained and then released in the evening with charges without arrest – with the exception of Daniele, a young antifascist Turinese student, that was brought to jail and then moved to house arrests for some months.

Five months after that day, further arrests decided together by the Police Department and the Judiciary arrive: two comrades – Francesca and Donato – were brought to the Vallette jail, while 4 others – Mattia, Damiano, Nicola and Luca – are under house arrests with restrictions on visits and communication. While, precisely in these days, the debate among European governments is divided between the explicit racism of some of them and the opportunist offers of “shelter” of others, in Turin were hit those who, in these months, were determined to oppose and take away spaces and visibility to people such as Matteo Salvini, who build their image and career thanks to securitarian and racist rethorics.

The thieving League Turin won’t forgive!

Immediate freedom for Cecca, Donato, Mattia, Damiano, Luca and Nicola!

Tutti liberi, tutte libere!